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Motorex Helmet Care Review

Motorex Helmet Care Helmet Cleaner

Motorex Helmet Care cleans helmet liners.

It can also clean the outside of the helmet shell, but we’d rather use other products for that job.

It has a sickly-sweet perfume or chemical smell, which is strange, considering the purpose of the product.

Motorex Helmet Care can be hard to find; Motorex makes lots of different chemical products for motorcycles, but they’re not widely available in the U.S.A.

The email was more or less in the “closing the barn door after the horse is gone” category.

A webBikeWorld visitor wanted to know if there was any way to clean the liner of a greasy helmet. But wasn’t it already too late?  He could have prevented the problem to begin with.

Now I understand that helmets can get pretty sick looking inside. Some motorcyclists let it go way too long, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

But the problem can be forestalled almost indefinitely by wearing a helmet liner. I don’t mean the removable liners that already come in most helmets – I mean the “do-rag” (where did that name come from?) type of skull-cap-head-wraps, available in silk, cotton or my favorite, the Coolmax textile.

Since we’re always evaluating helmets and swapping them between multiple partners, it’s important not to share too many of our, uh, Personal Body Exudations (PBE’s) with each other. So we’ve developed the habit of always using the skullcap-type helmet liners.

Helmet Liner: The First Line of Defense

One of the benefits of a skullcap helmet liner is that it prevents PBE’s from clinging to the helmet’s fabric liner. I’m surprised at how many motorcyclists don’t use a skullcap-type helmet liner (isn’t there a better name for these things?); but then again, I guess I’m not surprised — look at how many motorcyclists don’t even wear gloves.

But let’s not go there…

In any case, a skullcap-type helmet liner  can be cleaned by adding it to a load that’s ready for the washing machine. Alternatively, it can just as easily be cleaned by hand in the sink with a little soap and water. Rinse, soap, repeat, wring dry.

Yes, I know that helmet liners (the kind that fit into the helmet’s shell) can be removed and cleaned, but that’s a pain. They can be removed in theory, but have you ever tried it?  No thanks…

So the skullcap-type helmet liner is the best first line of defense against PBE’s. But eventually, after enough sweat has soaked through, the helmet’s liner may still get grungy enough to make cleaning necessary.

Dirty helmet Spray in Motorex Helmet Care
Dirty helmet (not so dirty, in this case) on the left. Blast on the Motorex Helmet Care. Note the big dollop in the center, the immediate result of opening the valve.
Brush in the Motorex Helmet Care Clean helmet is the result
Mix it around a bit, let it dry and… Voilà !

Motorex Helmet Care

[asa2 tplid=”6″]B001GNEHVI[/asa2]

That’s where this stuff comes in. Motorex Helmet Care was specifically designed to clean helmet liners, although they also claim it can be used to clean the outside of the helmet.

The can has a special spray tip that can be used upside-down. Shake it up and let it rip inside the helmet and it blasts out just like a dollop of shaving cream. It creates an instantaneous mountain of foam, so it works better if the spray is quickly directed around the inside on the liner.

I usually stick my hand in there and mix it up and pat the Motorex foam down on to the helmet liner, then let it sit for about a minute or two.

A paper towel or clean cloth towel can be used to gently wipe the Motorex foam off the liner. It seems to clean up most of the greasy spots and it freshens up the liner material.

At first I didn’t mind the smell, but after using it a couple of times, I realized I’m not very fond of it after all. It has a sort of cloying perfume/chemical smell that stays in the helmet liner (and on my hands) for too long, which I suppose may be a good thing for some helmets… But I wish it had either no odor or something a bit lighter.

One of our problems is that we have so many helmets floating around here that we don’t often wear one long enough to get the liner really dirty, especially since we all wear the aforementioned helmet head wrap liner. So while the photos don’t show a dramatic difference, we have tried the Motorex Helmet Care on the liners of other helmets and it works as advertised.

As for its ability to clean the helmet shell, well, we’ll pass on that one. We think you’d be better off using something likeSprayway Glass Cleaner (review) or ProtectAll (review).


Many motorcyclists don’t realize that there is a product specifically designed to clean the liner on the inside of a helmet. Motorex Helmet Care isn’t necessarily a must-have product, but just be aware that it’s there to help if you have a case of “stinky helmet”.

wBW Review: Motorex Helmet Care
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From “W.C.”:  “Use any foam made for automotive interiors … this product (Motorex) is only a repackaged version of their own automotive interior foam.”

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