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Motorex Chain Clean 611

Motorex Chain Clean 611

Review Summary

Motorex products are popular in Europe, but distribution in the U.S. is spotty, and the brand may be hard to find at local retailers.

Motorex Chain Clean 611 is one of the very few dedicated motorcycle chain cleaning products.

The clear Motorex Chain Clean 611 spray has a sort of household cleaner smell. It comes out of the sprayer in a blast, but doesn’t really dissolve any of the greasy residue.

However, it does clean most of the grunge on the chain and it blasts away the light residue.

The heavier deposits may need some encouragement with a couple of wadded paper towels or a Grunge Brush (review).

But go easy on the chain with the brush to avoid damaging the O-rings.

Since the Motorex Chain Clean 611 is just about the only dedicated chain cleaning product we’ve found, it’s become indispensable around here.

Manufacturer’s Information

Motorex states that the 611 Chain Clean “Effectively removes crusted residue”. To apply, spray on chain, allow to soak briefly, wipe with dry cloth. Allow to dry. Lubricate chain with chain lube.

Motorex also states that the 611 Chain Clean is “X-ring and O-ring tested”.

wBW Review: Motorex 611
Manufacturer: Motorex List Price: (2005) $7.98
Type: Aerosol Can, 500 ml (16.9 oz.) Made In: Switzerland
Review Date: April 2005
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