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Riding Thru Midlife like Wild Hogs

Maybe John Travolta and the boys should have read this book before they set off on their cross-country midlife crisis motorcycle jaunt in Wild Hogs.

Rider and author John Metzger has a written an instructional book for midlife crises sufferers called Motorcycling Through Midlife.

It allegedly shows baby boomers how to manage the dangerous adolescent urges of “midlife crisis”.

Let’s face it, we’re the first oldies to have a death wish when we should be sitting down with a cup of cocoa in our pyjamas (sounds messy) watching re-runs of The Sound of Music.

Instead, we’re out there breaking bones, hearts and speed limits on a mad speed-fueled frenetic search to regain our youth.

Metzger says this type of bravado might be fun but it’s also deadly and we need “adult supervision”.

In fact, he says the “disease” has spread to women and GenXers looking for the same type of “high”.

He calls on us “oldies” (lots of quotes being used today, eh?) to approach motorcycling with the wisdom of adulthood rather than the rebel mindset of immortal youth.
Motorcycling Through MidlifeHe uses his journey as a reference point, saying he has evolved from the leathered-thug lifestyle and laid-back cruiser position to a more skilled and safety-conscious search for “Nirvana moments”.

Instead of adrenalin and dressing up like “gay pirates” (Boris’s simile, not mine), he is in search of the perfect road, thus the book’s sub-title: The Call of the Corner.

“I wrote this book for my fellow baby boomers who are thinking about taking up motorcycling, or already have,” he says.

“Though it’s a dangerous hobby fueled by subconscious adolescent cravings, motorcycling can be the finest expression of youthful joy and freedom if approached with the wisdom of midlife – and before we get too old.”

The book is published by the Motomarathon Association Press and you can get it for $US15 plus postage at The Shop.