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Motorcycle travel by electricity

motorcycle travel

Austrian motorcycle travel company, Edelweiss Bike Travel, is the first we have heard of that offers tours on electric bikes.motorcycle travel
It sounds pretty strange since electric bikes have limited range, but Edelweiss has teamed with Californian electric motorcycle company Zero who have one of the longest ranges of any electric bikes.
Edelweiss has bought a fleet of four Zero S ZF11.4 and two Zero DS ZF11.4 which come with the optional 2.8 kilowatt-hour Power Tank for maximum range. That means total battery capacity of 14.2 kWh per bike for 200km (125 miles) of range for their Alps tours.
We are a bit skeptical about range in the Alps, as our experience of electric bikes is that climbing drains the battery. However, if there are also plenty of downhill stretches, the battery will recharge. motorcycle travel
The motorcycle travel company offers one-week tours from their office in Mieming, Austria, covering more than 1000km (600 miles), including such alpine highlights as the Stelvio Pass with its many switchbacks, as well as Timmelsjoch, the Silvretta High Alpine Road, Reschensee, Hahntennjoch, Kühtai, Gavia Pass, Dolomites and the Mendel Pass.
The quiet-running bikes would be sure to preserve the pristine atmosphere of these beautiful alpine roads. And the instant torque of these machines would provide plenty of fun. Just don’t overdo it or you might find yourself sitting at the side of the road in search of an AC outlet.
Tours for this year are already booked solid, but more electric motorcycle travel dates are being added and you can book for next year.