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Motorcycle Trailer Hitch

Motorcycle Trailer Hitch: Explore The World On Your Bike

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Motorcycle enthusiasts are famous for enjoying long rides on their bikes. But a long trip can also cause some problems.

Motorcycles don’t have a lot of carrying capacity.

Traveling without a trunk or a back seat to carry your gear can make a trip more more difficult.

That’s where a motorcycle hitch and trailer comes in handy.

A motorcycle hitch will allow you to hook a trailer up to your bike and haul the things you’ll need to get away for a few days.

Most motorcycles can be equipped with a ball hitch, similar to the ones found on pickup trucks and are mounted on the back of the bike.

Normally, you don’t need to alter your bike as there is factory hitches available for most bikes.

If you can’t find a hitch for your bike or would like a fancy customized look, then custom hitches are also available.

Buying a Motorcycle Trailer Hitch

Here are three tips to remember when buying a motorcycle hitch:

  1. Make sure you buy a trailer hitch that is made specifically for your motorcycle make and model.Buying just any hitch won’t do. Take the time to find the right hitch for your bike so you don’t have any problems. Not having the proper hitch can damage your bike or your can find yourself in deep trouble.
  2. Most motorcycles can’t tow more than five hundred pounds.Bikes obviously don’t have the same amount of pulling power as a truck and therefore can’t haul heavy loads. Because of this, most hitches are designed to handle a maximum of five hundred pounds.
  3. Make sure to buy a safety chain that connects the hitch to the trailer. It’s a safety measure that shouldn’t be ignored.

Having a motorcycle hitch on your bike not only allows you to tow a trailer but also gives you the freedom to tow other accessories that will help you do more things with your bike.

What Can You Tow With a Motorcycle?

This can include accessories such as a:

  • Bike rack: Yep, you got it. You can now carry your pedal bike behind your motorbike by attaching a bicycle rack to your hitch.
  • Camper: If you don’t want to stay at a motel, or if you plan on going camping, a small pop-up camper can be attached to your hitch and towed easily.
  • Luggage racks: You can buy luggage racks and attach them to the hitch. They are cheaper than buying a trailer, but they obviously can’t hold as much either.
  • Cooler Carrier: Who can’t use a cold drink while on the road?  Now you can haul your cooler on the back of your bike using your cooler carrier.
  • Single Wheel Trailer: Most trailers come with two wheels, but now you can buy a single wheel trailer to match the single tires on your bike.
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While a motorcycle hitch isn’t as versatile as a car or truck hitch, they can allow you to do some things with your bike that would be impossible without one.

They don’t hold the same amount of weight as a car or truck hitch, but you can tow some valuable things behind your bike.

If you are planning a long trip on your bike then a motorcycle hitch and trailer can make your travels easier. You will be able to take the things you need to make the trip more enjoyable. You can’t really consider going on a long trip without one.

After all, you can only hold so much stuff in your saddlebags, and buying a trailer is a lot cheaper than constantly buying the things you’ll need on your trips.

But remember the safety tips as well. Don’t overload your trailer and don’t buy a hitch that doesn’t fit your bike. Try to buy the hitch from the dealer who sold the bike.

For instance, if you own a BMW motorcycle, buy your hitch from a BMW dealer, that way you can be assured that you will get the right hitch.

About The Author

Scott Gray is a trailer hitch specialist.

Motorcycle Hitch Sources: The Hitch Doc manufacturers several different types of motorcycle hitches and they will also manufacture custom-made hitches.

Motorcycle Hitch USA sells motorcycle hitches for BMW, Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and others

Publication Date: November 2006

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