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Motorcycle Tool Rolls

Having a good motorcycle tool roll can make all the difference on a long trip. People should look for tool kits that have the most essential tools and that are kept in packages that are convenient enough for people to easily take on a motorcycle trip.

Cruz TOOLS RTM3 RoadTech M3 Metric Tool Kit

CruzTOOLS RoadTech M3 Metric Tool Kit

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The RoadTech M3 Metric Tool Kit consists of a number of different tools arranged in their own pockets in a black cloth carrier. Customers will get WD-40 and tire pressure gauge, hex keys, combination wrenches, a mini ratchet with 2 inch extension and sockets, 6-in-1 screwdriver,gap gauge, mechanical wire, electrical tape, thread locker, cable ties, 8 inch adjustable wrench, locking pliers, 2-in-1 spark plug socket, and flashlight.

Customers will be able to get mechanic-grade tools when they purchase this motorcycle tool roll. These are tools that are truly going to make anyone better prepared for handling an emergency of almost any kind. The black pouch is easy to roll up and store anywhere, so motorcyclists aren’t going to have to worry about buying any special storage compartments for this tool kit. It’s a very convenient collection of tools for absolutely anyone to use on a motorcycle trip. Most of the tools are user-friendly, and people who have any experience with vehicular repairs and repair work in general should take to the tools quickly.

People should know that if they’re going on long and hot motorcycle trips, unless they keep the tool kit in a heat-protected case, the electrical tape is probably going to melt at some point in the journey and the metal tools might be hot to the touch at first. However, the tools are still going to work just as well, even if they need to cool off for a few minutes. Some people might want to pack a larger wrench along for the ride as well, but otherwise, this is just the sort of convenient package of tools that people are going to want on a difficult motorcycle journey.

Biker’s Choice Tool Kit – Black

Biker s Choice Motorcycle Tool Roll KitClick here to purchase on Amazon

This tool kit comes in a convenient black pouch and it is equipped with a 6″ adjustable wrench, 3/8″ 7/16″ open ended wrench, 10mm combination wrench, 12″ 9/16″ open ended wrench, and a 5/8″ and 3/4″ open ended wrench.

The Biker’s Choice Tool Kit – Black is easy to carry on long tips. It’s lightweight, and simple to roll up and to cart around even in situations where it seems like smaller carry-on items are needed. It’s just the kind of tool kit that is really going to manage to help people in the event of some sort of emergency, and yet it does not have so many tools that people are going to be weighted down by them on the road. Having a surplus of tools is going to be unnecessary in a situation like this, but people aren’t going to have to worry about that extreme either.

Many of the tools in this motorbike tool roll are legitimately bike specific, which makes the tool kit very efficient for this purpose. Even people who are not especially mechanically skilled under most circumstances are still going to be able to use a tool kit like this one. These are not necessarily mechanic-grade tools, but not everyone is going to have that as a requirement. These tools are still good enough to help people when it comes to getting a bike back in proper working order after something happens on the road and there is no mechanic for miles.

This tool roll is a little bit bulkier than some of the other tool rolls that people will use, which might be a problem for the people who really want to economize on space as much as possible. However, it is still small enough for bikers to carry on their motorcycles in the first place, so this shouldn’t be that much of a problem for them.

CruzTOOLS SPEEDKIT Compact Tool Kit


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The Cruz-TOOLS (SKHD) SPEEDKIT Compact Tool Kit is equipped with nut drivers, a tire pressure gauge, hex wrenches, a5-in-1 screwdriver, wrenches, pliers, star bits, a2-in-1 spark plug socket, and it comes in a very small and narrow blue zippered bag.

Few tool kits are going to come in a package that is as convenient as that of the Compact Tool Kit. This very small and thin bag is wonderfully compact. Some people might even be able to store it on them, but it is certainly going to fit well enough in a fork bag or a saddlebag. People who don’t want to be burdened by tool kits that come in large bags are going to love this one. The bag for the compact motorcyycle tool roll also manages to be durable and will withstand the elements along with the tools.

The definitely is more the economy choice amongst these choices, but it has all of the tools that people are going to need when it comes to addressing problems with their motorcycles when they’re on the road. The Tool Kit actually works particularly well for the Harley Davidson riders on the road, assuming they’re not using the V-Rod model. However, even then, people will be able to get plenty of use out of it. Some people might want to add some extra items, such as spark plugs, zip ties, and some electric tape. However, the pouch is big enough for all of these inexpensive items. Get one for your bike and one for your storage shed. 

CruzTOOLS RTB1 RoadTech B1 BMW Tool Kit

CruzTOOLS RTB1 RoadTech B1 BMW Tool KitClick here to purchase on Amazon

The tools of the CruzTOOLS BMW Tool Kit are contained in a convenient belt-like black pouch, and they include an LED flashlight, adjustable wrench, male and female Torx wrenches, combination wrenches, a tire pressure gauge, mini ratchet and socket set, 6-in-1 screwdriver, hex keys, and a special front axle hex adapter.

This premium motorcycle tool roll offers mechanic-grade tools. People can rest assured that they are getting tools that will help them through some bad situations on the road. This tool kit manages to weigh in at less than four pounds. As such, it’s going to be that much easier for motorcycle riders to carry it around with them when they’re on their bikes. People who ride BMW motorcycles in particular are going to love the RoadTech BMW Tool Kit, which was created for them especially. Still, the people on other metric bikes are going to be able to benefit from owning this tool roll.

TrailToolz – Complete Metric Motorcycle Tool Kit

TrailToolz Complete Metric Motorcycle Tool KitClick here to purchase on Amazon

The TrailToolz – Complete Metric Motorcycle Tool Kit consists of tools in a relatively large black pouch, and the tools includes four stubby metric wrenches (8,10,12 and 13 mm sizes), six-inch needle nose locking pliers, a six-inch adjustable wrench, hex (4, 5 and 6 mm sizes), sliding T-handle wrench, sockets (8,10,12 and 13 mm sizes)and premium tool rolls.

The TrailToolz Complete Metric Motorcycle Tool Kit comes in a relatively large and thick pouch, which some people are going to appreciate. It’s a solid way to convey the tools. Bikers should manage to get most of the tools that they need in the TrailToolz Kit package, in spite of the fact that the tool kit does appear to be fairly small at first glance. It is still a very light tool kit, which is going to make it that much easier for people to take it with them when they’re on a ride.

The TrailToolz Metric Tool Roll will work well for ATV vehicles as well as motorcycles, making it more versatile than some of the tool kits that people are going to find in this category. Most of the tools here are much smaller and lighter than the tools that people are going to find in the same product category, which should make it that much easier for people when they bring the Motorcycle Tool Kit on some of their particularly long motorcycle journeys.

Some people might feel that this tool kit could have slightly more equipment, and other people might feel that the convenience isn’t worth it if the tools aren’t big enough. However, the Tool Kit should work well for most purposes, and people will find that they’ll appreciate the convenience that this tool kit presents.