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Motorcycle theft slightly up in 2015

Motorbike brake disc lock theft CCTV drop

Motorcycle theft rose just 1% in 2015 to 8205, after dropping slightly the previous year.

Short-term thefts, usually for joy rides, were down 6% to 3556, while profit-motivated thefts, usually by organised gangs, rose a whopping 8% to 4649, according to National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council figures.

While Western Australia remains the worst state for motorcycle theft, with 2306 representing 28.1% of all motorcycles stolen, it was down 7.5%.

However, Victoria was up 18.7% to  2135 and South Australia was up 18.4% to 573.

South-East Queensland remains the hotspot for motorcycle theft with Brisbane and the Gold Coast first and second with Logan City fourth.

The most common brand stolen was again Honda, which is understandable as it’s also the most common on the road.

Meanwhile Harley-Davidson, which has now become the most popular road motorcycle in Australia, has leap-frogged from eighth place on the most stolen list to sixth with 213 thefts.

That’s a whopping 43% rise; the price of being popular!

Most vehicles were stolen late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

2015 top motorcycle theft targets

Make 2014 2015
Honda 1,578 1,638
Yamaha 1,501 1,429
Kawasaki 693 807
Suzuki 738 796
KTM 468 517
Harley-Davidson 153 213
Hyosung 152 169
SYM 194 168
Piaggio 116 160
Triumph 111 144
Longjia 196 140
Kymco 121 112
TGB 131 108
Adly 147 101
Husqvarna 107 100
Vmoto 133 88
Ducati 69 85
Vespa 80 76
Aprilia 83 69
Bolwell 100 59
Motorcycle Theft harley-Davidson
Lock up your Harley!

Motorcycle theft summary, 2014 to 2015

State or Territory 2014 2015 % change
Thefts Thefts
ACT 116
NSW 1,451
NT 226
QLD 1,403
SA 484
TAS 130
VIC 1,798
WA 2,494
AUS 8,102 100.0 8,205 100.0 1.3%

HOW TO PROTECT YOUR BIKE s3performance_website_logo

  • Buy a secure chain so you can chain your bike to an immovable object like a lamp post.
  • Use a secure disc lock with a reminder cord attached to your handlebars so you don’t ride off with it still in place.
  • Also, use the steering lock if your bike has one.
  • Even when parked in a secure location such as your garage, consider the extra security of using the steering lock, a disc lock or chain as well.
  • Pull out a spark plug or fuse, or have an immobiliser fitted.
  • Don’t park your bike in railway or shopping centre carparks as these are notorious for theft.
  • Park in a locked carpark. If you have to park in the open, leave it where you can see your bike or in view of a security camera.
  • Otherwise, keep your bike out of sight, maybe parking it behind your car. If parking in a garage, block the bike with your car and ensure the garage is locked.
  • When riding home, make sure you are not being followed.
  • Stay alert for suspicious vans or trucks driving around late at night. These are used to transport stolen motorcycles.
  • Put a cover over your bike. It might slow down thieves and prevent theft of accessories. But make sure it isn’t a flashy lone with the brand name of the bike on it. That only entices thieves.
  • When riding in a group, park your bikes together.
  • Consider marking your bike in a unique way that could aid in recovery and therefore dissuade thieves.
  • At hotels or public parking spaces, try to park in view of parking lot security cameras.
  • If you park your motorcycle outside your house, consider installing a motion sensor light near the bike.
  • Install a motorcycle alarm and/or a hidden kill switch.
  • Buy a GPS tracking system that can track and deliver your bike’s speed, location, and direction.