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Motorcycle show to fund hall

Switchback at the Obi Obi Hall
Switchback at the Obi Obi Hall

A motorcycle show will help the ongoing upkeep of a 103-year-old community hall on the motorcycle-friendly Obi Obi Rd, near the location of the proposed Sunshine Coast International TT.

The following  video features local band The Rain performing in the Obi Obi Hall with their catchy song Cold Comfort with the line “there’s just five more miles ’til I’m empty” and lead singer Kelly Cork riding a Velocette through the scenic country between Kenilworth and Mapleton.

Kelly runs a bike and general engineering workshop in Maleny.

Sportster rider Steve Walker, of the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Events Committee, says many riders will have ridden past the hall and probably not noticed it.

“I am sure that you have ridden past it, although as it is at the start of the braking area for a right angle bend with no safe run-off area, so you may have been too busy for sightseeing,” he says.

Obi Obi Hall
Steve with his Sportster

“The Obi hall has come a long way since being derelict only four years ago, but needs attention to get it through the next hundred years.”

It’s been the backdrop for many motorcycle photo shoots including the Harley-Davidson Switchback in 2011 before restoration began.

Switchback at the Obi Obi Hall
Switchback at the Obi Obi Hall

The Obi Obi Motorcycle Show on Sunday September 25, 2016, will be a family friendly event, with food and coffee available, a band and a bar.

Entry is a reasonable $5 with children admitted free. The event starts at 9am, with bikes needing to entered for the show by 11am.

There are 18 classes of entry, with a small charge (yet to be finalised) to enter each class.

Trophies are handcrafted from red cedar slabs and bike parts, with some supported by donations from the industry. One lucky prizewinner will take home a radial aircraft engine cylinder and head slab mounted.

Many of the people organising the motorcycle show on September 25, 2016, also helped run the popular Mapleton bike shows through the 1990s, raising more than $20,000 for the Mapleton community.