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Motorcycle shirt for the hipsters

uglyBROS Fender V21 motorcycle shirt

The latest catchphrase is “hipster” and the motorcycle industry is targeting them as the future of motorcycling.

While nothing gets we “mature-aged” motorcycle riders more riled than pretentious wannabe bikers, I welcome the hipster. Anyone riding a bike is better than those who don’t ride. And if it helps the industry to grow, make bikes cool again and attracts younger riders, then that’s a good thing.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t poke a bit of fun at them. I came across this gem on the internet which is a list of ingredients for a hipster motorcycle video: beards, someone stands on the motorcycle seat while riding, crap helmets, men’s grooming products, fiddling with the idle/mixture screw for no reason, working in a dark moody garage, camera man can’t hold focus for more than two seconds, no fenders, taped “X” on the headlight, bike under 50hp referred to as a “beast”, grinder sparks, art gallery party, dirt burnout, Firestone balloon tyres, gratuitous roadside repairs, pompous narration, smoking cigarettes rather than tyres, lattes and outfits that cost more than the motorcycles.

If you enjoyed that, you may not be interested in the rest of this story. If you were offended, you may like this review of the Suus Fender V2 moto shirt by South Korean motorcycle clothing brand, uglyBROS, which is imported into Australia by Suus Customs.

It’s a leisure/motorcycle clothing brand and this shirt would certainly fit into the above list for hipster motorcycle videos. It seems everyone wears a “flanno” (flannalette shirt for those who don’t know) when riding these days. Brands such as Harley, Victory and Yamaha often feature images of riders wearing flannos. uglyBROS Fender V21 motorcycle shirt

This motorcycle shirt has a quilted lining which makes it incredibly soft and warm. In fact, I’ve been wearing it on cold nights like a short dressing gown.

It costs a staggering $224 and if you are still interested you should buy one or even two sizes bigger because the slim sizing seems to be for small Asians. I usually take a large size, but I have an XL which is good for sleeve length but tight around my middle-aged spread. Suus recommend you measure your favourite shirt and compare it with the size chart on their website SHOP before ordering.

Although it’s just made of 100% cotton and has no abrasive resistance at all, it features interior pockets in the shoulders and elbows for CE-approved protective pads. They are made of “Bioelastan” anti-shock material which is comfortable and feels like the quality pads BMW uses in their gear.

While the shirt won’t offer much protection in anything above parking-speed crashes you could wear it to good effect under a leather jacket that doesn’t have any protective pads. 
And you could leave it untucked so it flaps out the back. That should look good in your next hipster video!