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Motorcycle Sculpture

Motorcycle Sculpture

webBikeWorld was created to share information about unique and interesting motorcycle-related products and accessories with our visitors.  This little gem definitely meets both criteria.  It’s a brand-new design entitled “The Paddock”, and it was cast at the Amu Sculptures studio in East Carlton, Leicestershire, England.

Amu Sculptures is owned by Paul and Muriel Sims.  Paul Sims claims that he “recently discovered” his sculpting talent, and combined with Muriel’s business skills, they decided to make a go of it.

All I can say is that I wish I could suddenly discover a latent artistic streak like that would allow me to be this creative!  Unfortunately, I can barely connect two dots together and make a straight line, so I don’t think it will happen any time soon.  Which is why I’ve always been in awe of such artistically talented people…

I first became aware of Amu Sculptures’ designs via an email from Muriel Sims.  The many different motorcycle-related pieces for sale on their website have a wonderful and whimsical appeal, demonstrating that Paul has found not only a talent but he’s also developed a unique personal style.

Amu Sculptures offers pieces that reflect a range of motorcycle history.  Some of the work, like the work shown in these photos, is a rendition of modern design, but there are also many pieces that illustrate the rich history of motorcycling.  I envy Paul’s ability and his passion, and I can picture him in his studio conjuring up a new idea, and then bringing it to life for others to enjoy.

The sculptures are made entirely by Paul, from the design through the creation of the master sculpture and then on to the casting process.  Each piece is individually cast in a material called Durastone, which is an aggregate used for architectural and artistic sculptures.  Paul then hand finishes each piece with a pewter-like finish that gives them an heirloom quality reminiscent of metal while endowing them with a sort of dreamy take on reality.

The Paddock - Motorcycle sculpture by Amu SculpturesThis example is called The Paddock, and it weighs in at 506 grams, or 1 lb., 2 oz.  The bike itself is about 14 cm long (5-1/2″) and about 85 mm high at the tail 3-5/16″), and the separate base is about 17 cm long (6-11/16″) and 60 mm (2-3/8″) wide.

The finish is what brings these pieces of art together.  It isn’t apparent in these photos, because a camera and especially the low resolution available on a web page can’t due it justice.

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But the piece has a real texture that’s reminiscent of an aged metal casting, and the wonderful combination of light and dark accents gives it a dimensional depth.

Certain areas of the bike are highlighted, and the antiqued reflective surfaces create a shine and a patina that catches the eye differently every time the light changes in the room.  I’m not an art critic by any means, but I think this adds a great deal of interest and appeal to the piece.

Some of the available motorcycle pieces have figures of riders on board, which also help capture the feeling of movement and flow.  And several of the items can be customized according to the individual owner’s tastes or for use as trophies, which would be a wonderful idea for something new and different for shows or rallies.  There are even motorcycles that have a built in clock, which would be perfect for the desk or the office.

Amu Sculptures also offers renditions of historically significant automobiles and some interesting-looking cast candle holders.  The factory is located on the grounds of the East Carlton countryside park and the items can be purchased over the counter or through the Amu Sculptures website.  The prices seem very reasonable, especially considering the amount of detailing that must be involved.

I’m really impressed with Paul’s work.  The Paddock miniature sits on a shelf above my desk, and it draws many comments from visitors.  Something about the finish seems to make people want to touch the piece, which is a bit dicey, because works of art are meant to offer visual rather than tactile appreciation.

Owning a work of art can provide one with countless hours of pleasure, so why shouldn’t the subject be motorcycles

Product Review:  “The Paddock” by Amu Sculptures
Available From:   Amu Sculptures Suggested Retail Price:  £10.00, plus S&H.  Prices vary, depending upon design, from about £5 to £50
Colors:  Most have a hand applied pewter-like finish. Some customization available. Made in:  England
Product Comments:  Motorcycle sculptures, hand made and cast in Durastone.  Each piece is hand finished.  Modern and historical designs available.  Prices are reasonable.  Finish has a texture and depth that compliments the designs.
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