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Motorcycle Helmet Spikes

Motorcycle helmet spikes are one of the funnest helmet accessories to customize a motorcycle helmet with . They are at the core of some of the most “badass motorcycle helmets” that I have seen online and on-the-road. Here are a few examples of what can be done with a few simple spike accessories and a shot of creativity.

motorcycle helmet spikes collection

 The Details – Spikes can stick on or bolt through.

How to do it?  Stick-on or bolt-on? Tools required? Recommended glue?

Sometimes people like to spice up different types of materials so that they will have a unique appearance. This is why people who like the look of studs are normally eager to learn how to stud their denims and other materials to make them more fashionable. Even though these types of designs may be found in local retail stores and online, people may prefer taking clothing items that they are currently wearing and giving them a new look.

In order to add the studs to the materials correctly, there are specific processes that should be followed. Listed below are some recommendations and tips that can be used in order to produce the best results.
One of the first things that an individual should know is studs have prongs attached to each of them. Although there may be a wide variety of different types and styles, most of them come with at least 2 prongs. The prongs are attached for stability so that the studs will remain in place. Which means, once the studs are pushed through different types of materials like denim or leather, they are kept in place by bending each of the prongs down inwardly.

How to glue on a some helmet Horns

(Same process for spikes)


What else can you do with motorcycle helmet spikes?


spikes on helmet jacket shoes and jewelryIf you are gonna add a few bad-ass spikes to your helmet, why stop there? You can add them to your…

  1. Bike
  2. Saddlebags
  3. Handle bars
  4. Motorcycle key
  5. Jackets
  6. Jewellry
  7. Boots
  8. High Heels
  9. Just about anything.


Handling Denim Materials and Adding Studs.

denim pants with studs

Because people may use different types of materials, the instructions for each may be slightly different. For instance, some people may want to add studs to denim materials. So, they will need to know the instruction for placing the studs strategically on the material and making them secure.

For instance, when the person is adding prongs to denim materials, the first thing that they will need to do is to push the prongs thru to other side of the material. Once the prongs are in the place that the person has selected, the next step is to bend the prongs down inwardly so that they will not move or fall out.

Sometimes it may be difficult to push or poke the prongs thru the denim material so they will need the right tips and recommendations. When this occurs, people may decide to use various types of tools to make the hole that they need. Of course, the individual will need to be very careful when doing this process because the tears can also cause the material to show signs of material that has rugged edges.

Handling Leather Materials and Adding Studs

leather jacket girl on bikeWhen people are working with leather materials, the process for adding studs is normally different. Since leathers are made of very strong fabrics, its normally harder to push the prongs threw to the other side.

So, it is essential for the person to follow a specific process to make sure that it is done correctly without having various kinds of problem.

So, when dealing with thicker materials like leather, you have the option of using a Dart Awl. Dart Awls are recommended for assisting with separating the materials without doing damage. After the materials have been separated via the weave in the material, the person can then insert the stud.

Another tip for making sure the stud is in the right place and tight is making sure the holes in the materials are smaller than the size of the prongs. The smaller size is required because the studs need to be secure or it will move around.

Before you begin the process of pushing the studs through the leather, you should make sure that you know
where all of the studs will be placed. In order to do this correctly, you should mark each area by making a visible indention in the letter (i.e. indentions made by the stud). These indention’s will make it easy for you to follow the pattern that you need.


leather biker jacket girlSpecial Spike Projects

While studs are idea for various kinds of clothing items and materials, they can also be used for arts and crafts. So, it is also essential for an individual to know how to insert studs in to other types of materials including hard plastics.

In cases where there are plastic involved, the individual may need to use spikes to create the holes for the studs. Based on the actual size of the project, there are also tools that can assist with making numerous holes at one time. Which means, the tool that’s normally used for large projects includes a multi-hole punch.

Here is a video showing you the basics of applying spikes to a leather jacket. The concept can be applied to your helmets, gloves, or anything else really.


How to Spike a Leather Jacket


Top Selling Spike Accessories


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And don’t forget man’s best friend needs a little style too. 🙂

motorcycle helmet spikes on dog size helmet


What types of spikes do you like to add to your helmets and biker gear?