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Motorcycle Helmet Shield Anti-fog: Wipes, Sprays, and Inserts

If you live in a humid and moisture filled environment with low temperatures, you know the struggle with fog. Fog is the bane for all bikers in these areas and cause more accidents than anything else. The anti-fog solutions, thus, have gotten extremely popular over the years. More and more bikers are realizing the need to have one and are using them well.

Over the years, the anti-fog solutions have evolved from wipes, and inserts to the more advanced sprays. You can take your pick depending on your helmet and what suits you best. If you’re confused over which one’s the best for your helmet, here’s a list of some of the best anti-fog wipers, sprays and inserts for your helmet shield. Pick what works the best for your helmet.

FogKicker Anti-Fog Solution: Water Sports Bottle

The FogKicker Anti-fog solution is a spray based solution meant especially for the scuba diving and snorkeling masks.

All you have to do is spray the liquid on the top of your mask and wait for a few minutes to let it dry.

The brand claims that a single coating of the spray can last you for multiple dives and works very well under water.


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It’s also an environmentally safe product.

Though the product is not recommended for motorcycle helmet shields, it can be used for some of them. The clarity is good and lasts for about a day. As per the claims, the spray really doesn’t last for 10 days and needs to be sprayed onto your masks and helmets almost every day. However, the product could be a good buy if one is looking for an affordable option with good quality.



Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

Famous for its spit gel solution, the brand has now launched its quick spit products in a spray bottle.

Deemed to be as effective, the Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray can be used on almost any glass or plastic surface.

It can be used on motorcycle helmet shields, glasses, swimming goggles and more.

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The spray is made out of all natural ingredients and thus, is highly eco-friendly which wouldn’t affect your skin. The spray can be used for both wet and dry applications, and is said to give the best results for the former.

This spray gel is rightly touted to be one of the best available in the market. The application lasts for a very long time just after spraying the solution and rinsing it with water after drying. However, it is recommended to use it about 30 minutes before your activity for the spray to work effectively. The spray works even after the moisture content has been considerably high, like in the swimming pools, heavy rains, etc.

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Splaqua Anti Fog Lens Cleaner Formula Spray

Splaqua’s Anti Fog spraying solution is regarded as one of the most versatile and the best available in the market.

The solution is apt for cleaning lenses of one’s glasses, goggles, windows, helmets, snorkeling masks and more.

The spray even claims to defog the ski masks’ mirrors well.

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The spray is also claimed to work well with the Non-AR coated lenses and cleans dirt, smudges, and makeup off of any glass material.

As per the customer reviews of the spray on Amazon, the product works well for what it claims. It is easy to use and spray on helmet shields, paintball masks, and many sport masks. After spraying the material onto any glass surface, it is available to use after one try. The spray also is good at cleaning dirt and smudges off the glass surface.

However, the spray doesn’t last as long as it is claimed to, and thus doesn’t fulfill everything it claims.



Frog Spit Anti Fog Spray

Frog Spit Anti Fog Spray is a concentrated spray and dry formula that requires no rinsing after its application on the glass surface.

The spray is suitable for all kinds of glass surfaces including motorcycle helmet shields and various sports masks.

One can use this spray for both warm and cold weathers, and works with just one drop over the surface.


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The spray claims to provide long lasting anti-fog shield over the surface and is also biodegradable.

According to its reviews, the anti-fog spray works really well for what it claims. Even in extremely humid conditions, as well as places where water content is high, the spray can work up to several hours. The spray has been recommended especially by several people who’ve gone snorkeling, swimming, or have ridden a bike in the rain after using this spray on their helmet visors, masks, and goggles. The biodegradable property of the spray makes it eco-friendly and thus, doesn’t harm your skin or your masks over several usages.


Frog Spit Anti Fog “NO FOG” Combo Pack

The Frog Anti Fog “NO FOG” Combo Pack comes with a 2oz. anti-fog spray bottle by the brand, a set of 6 “no spill” moistened anti-fog wipes, and an applicator 4 and a half inches in size for applying the solution to bigger and wider areas easily.

The Frog spit solution is a dry anti-fog applicator that doesn’t need to be rinsed after its application.


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One only needs to wait for it to dry and then use your everyday helmets, glasses, and masks. The Frog Spit anti fog pack is a multi-use product as it is safe for both glass and plastic surfaces. Apart from that, the solution is free of any chemicals, biodegradable, as well as water soluble for easy use.

The product is quite popular on Amazon and has garnered a lot of positive reviews from the customers. The product is especially suitable for those who need to ride or drive under heavy rains or are into swimming or diving. The solution dries in about 60 seconds and is good to use without any kind of rinsing. It also serves well on the long lasting claims as just one application can go for a few days if used well.


Fog Killer Anti Fog Lens Wipes

Wipes have been one of the oldest and most consistent ways to get rid of the fog on the surface of the helmet shield.

However, these products have evolved over the years and are now easier to use, faster to dry, and also last longer.

One of the most opted for wipes in the market is the Fog Killer Anti Fog Lens Wipes.


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The wipes comes in a pack of 100 which can easily last you for several months. Each of the wipes is expected to work for about 24-48 hours and requires no rinsing whatsoever. These anti fog wipes can be used for motorcycle helmet shields, goggles, ski masks, glasses, and more.

The Fog Killer Anti Fog Lens Wipes work well on sports glasses and swimming glasses, but aren’t that effective for a motorcycle helmet visor surface. Moreover, the wipes are not suitable for someone working in harsh conditions, like areas with extreme humidity and moisture. The anti fogging effect of the wipes only lasts for a couple of hours and not for an entire day, as stated. The wipes give an average clear vision for what it claims, but is an extremely affordable option as well.



MotoSolutions FogTech DX Instant Anti Fog Wipes

The MotoSolutions Anti Fog Wipes are meant to be used on glass and plastic surfaces in order to prevent them from fogging under humid conditions or ones that may involve change in temperatures.

The brand claims to cover the glass shield on one’s helmets, glasses, etc. with a single step coating of the wipe.

This helps in keeping the expensive glass material of the shield safe and helps it to last longer.


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The wipes’ coating is expected to take only a few seconds to dry.

The brand also makes sure of using the right ingredients for these wipes so as to not irritate or infect the eyes of the user anyhow. It is focused on providing its users clear vision in even the harshest of circumstances.

The MotoSolutions FogTech DX wipes are quite popular amongst its users for the affordability of the product and its quality. Most of the people have recommended using them for glasses, lenses, and ski masks. The good quality ingredients that prevent the wipes from causing any infections make it favorite amongst people with glasses. But, the wipes aren’t as effective with helmet visors and may require reapplication after every couple of hours. The biggest drawback of these wipes is that they leave a thin film after they dry off, which needs to be wiped again with a regular wiper for a clear vision.



Frog Spit No Rinse Anti Fog Wipes

Frog has been one of the most popular anti fog wipes brands for quite some time now.

The brand continues to work on that popularity by delivering better products every single time.

Their no rinse anti fog wipes are designed for those who do not have enough time to coat their helmet visors or goggles with an anti fog solution, dry and then rinse it out.


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The Frog Spit No Rinse Anti Fog Wipes are designed for easy use, and are safe for all surfaces. One needs to just use the wipe on the surface to form a thin layer of the solution. It will later dry to give clear vision which can last for several days. The biodegradable and eco-friendly properties make it safe for most people as well.

The wipes have been claimed by users to work pretty well. The wipes do not leave a mark or a foggy layer on the surface of the helmet visor and thus, do not need to be rinsed later on. The application of one wipe can last for a couple of days, if used well. The product works on all sorts of helmet visors, glasses, ski masks, paintball masks, and more.



Progrip No Fog Helmet Shield Insert

A wiping sheet or a spray to protect your bike helmet shield from getting foggy on the inside requires reapplication every few hours or days.

However, the Progrip No Fog Helmet Shield Insert can be attached to the inner side of your helmet and thus can keep your helmet fog free.

The anti-scratch and anti-fog shield is also light sensitive and thus eliminates the need to wear sunglasses inside the helmet, as it protects your eyes.


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The field can fit into helmets of almost all brands.

As per its reviews, the shield works really well when fixed inside a helmet and sticks onto it perfectly. However, one needs to be careful while inserting it as any bubbles in the shield may hinder your vision. The installation is the only tricky part for this anti-fog method, otherwise it works even better than the wipes or spray solutions, and thus is a must buy.