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How a Motorcycle Helmet is Made

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is the most important part of a motorcyclist’s safety gear. In this video by How It’s Made, you can learn exactly how motorcycle helmets are created.

Helmets are synthetic and are designed on a computer.

Prototypes are created using polyurethane foam.  Metal molds are built for mass production.

Polycarbonate pellets are melted down and used to create the outer shell of the helmet.

A robot gives the shell a polish and the helmet is painted.  Decals must be applied to an unpainted helmet.

Pivot mechanisms are installed on either side of the helmet and shock absorbing helmet liners are produced and inserted, along with padding.

A chin guard and transparent face shield are attached to the helmet.

The helmet is tested and the production batch is approved.  The helmet is now ready to protect you while out on the road.