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Motorcycle Windshield Reviews

Motorcycle Windshields, Fairings and Windscreens

Helping Riders Keep Bugs Out Of Their Faces With Our Hands On Motorcycle Windshields & Windscreen Reviews for Over 20 Years.

Motorcycle windshields have one goal and that’s to protect a riders face by stopping bugs, rocks and other crap from smacking you in the face as you ride. Having a strong windshield with great visibility is key to being prepared and staying protected.

Doing your research is important. You need to consider a host of things when shopping for a windscreen. Most motorcycle windshields are designed for a specific bike, are shaped to fit snugly in an appointed place, and come ready for instant mounting, so make sure to get one made for ‘your bike’. You also want to make sure you read our windscreen reviews because screens can reduce visibility impairment if you don’t choose right.

Once you have the right one then you need bolts to attach to your bike. Bolts fit into the mounting holes of your motorcycle so the windshield fits perfect, and of course the fairing bolts come in a variety of designs and colors.

Where to Buy

Check out RevZilla and Amazon for motorcycle parts. Amazon has the greater selection but RevZilla has the real in depth expertise. The windshields available on both sites come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can fit them to the wide variety of motorcycles.

Buy Motorcycle Parts on Amazon Buy Motorcycle Parts on RevZilla

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More Motorcycle Windshield Information

Motorcycle Fairings and Windscreens:  Airtech makes tons o’ fairings, windscreens and windscreen replacements for many bikes. Air Wings to block drafts for various motorcycles are available at Baker Built ProductsCee Baileys windscreens and windshields are very popular with BMW owners and Triumph Tiger owners.

Eagle Screens makes windscreens and replacements for many bikes in various shapes, sizes and colors. MRA makes the original “double bubble” screen; also some interesting touring, fixed and adjustable windscreens.

National Cycle has probably one of the largest selections in the world of motorcycle windscreens for cruisers and other bikes. Parabellum – Fairings and windscreens for BMW’s.

Polywel makes windscreens for many bikes; located in Assen, Holland but ship worldwide; photos on their website. Powerbronze – U.K. manufacturer of fairings, screens and accessories.

Puig Racing Screens for sportbikes.

Rifle fairings and windscreens. Gustafsson makes custom and replacement fairings and windscreens. Saeng makes “Stealth Edging”, “Quick Scan” winglets and other goodies that supplement fairings and help in directing airflow.

Secdem has been making windscreens in France for over 30 years. Sportech chrome finished aerodynamic windscreens for sportbikes; they also make a carbon fiber windscreen replacement for sportbikes. Streetfighter dual-headlight fairings are available at the Rice Paddy.

Visual Screens has windscreens for BMW, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Laverda, Triumph, Aprilia, Bimota, Matchless, MV Agusta and more. Zero Gravity – Makers of the “Double Bubble” replacement windscreen for sportbikes.