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Which Motorcycle to Buy as a Beginner

Learner riders- slalom
Slalom course

If we were to generalize things, we would say that there are two types of would-be motorcycle riders. On one side you have the ones that know exactly which kind of motorcycle they’ll ride, just like the players that already have their favorite pokies online to play. And on the other, you have the ones that are just astonished by the wide variety of options that can’t just decide on a model or what they should look for when buying a new bike. Alright, perhaps things are not that black and white and there are some people that have a rough idea on what to buy but can’t really put their finger on it with a specific make and model. Well, for all these people the above indications and tips should provide very useful.

Used vs New

Before jumping into different bike models and configurations, it’s safe to assume that this is the first question any new rider asks themselves. Should they go for the new bike of their dreams or go second-hand and get a bike that’s working perfectly from a technical point of view but loses a few points in the aspect department.

The advice in this direction is clear and straightforward: go for a USED one! And there are more reasons to back-up this idea.

The Bike You Think You Want Might Not be The One You Need

Many riders get it wrong even if they have a dream bike they want to buy. The idea of seeing yourself riding that bike faced with the reality of doing so for an year might change your mind. So, spending a lot of money on a new bike just to sell it in a short while to buy what you really want it is quite counter-productive.

It’s Very Likely You’ll Drop It

The second reason going with an used bike as your first selection is a great idea is the almost imminent moment of you dropping the bike. Not only that it will cost you a small fortune to repaid the brand-new bike of your dreams ( since you had the money to buy it, that probably won’t be an issue), but it will also take away that brand-new feeling ( yes, you know what we’re talking about).

Perhaps Motorcycling Isn’t Your Thing

Yes, this is always a possibility. Since most new riders get this idealized image of motorcycling, when confronted with the reality of it, some of them get to understand that’s not exactly what they wanted after all.

Getting Advice from Friends

The good and bad news is that you probably have some friends or acquaintances that already ride and they will be more than happy to give you advice. Even though in most situations it’s a good idea to listen to advice, buying a motorcycle is not that type of situation. The thing is that established riders already made this pick and will tell you what they love instead on focusing on your needs. The real question anyone that wants to give you advice on buying a new bike should be “What do you want to do with it?”

The kind of riding you’re planning to do determines the type of bike you want to buy. If you think you can honestly answer this question leaving aside the romanticized vision of you riding a bike cross-country or across Europe, you’re ready to move to the next section.

Types of Bikes

Now that you know what you want to do with your motorcycle is time to narrow-down the list. The category boundaries nowadays keep shifting, however, the main kinds of motorcycles can still be classified under the following categories.


Harley Street 500 beginner
Harley Street 500

These are the bikes with the long and low-slung look that Harley-Davidson promoted over the years. They’re built for relaxing rides.


  • The low seat height allows you to always keep your feet on the ground
  • The engine is tuned for low-speed torque
  • Little bodywork – excellent in case of a tip-over


  • Some cruisers have extreme ergonomics ( very high handlebars) that make handling a bit awkwards

Sport Bikes

These are basically race replicas that are build for handling and speed.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Handle


  • High Power – 600 cc or more
  • Tall seats
  • Race-Orientated ergonomics
  • Easy to damage in case of a tip-over

Naked or Standard Bikes

Kawasaki Z650 Ninja 400
Kawasaki Z650

These bikes come with a neutral riding position, basically a standard model of a bike, before taking any specialization.


  • Very comfortable riding position
  • Quite sporty but not as high-strung as race motorcylces
  • Less plastic to damage in a tip-over
  • Attractive insurance costs


  • No wind or weather protection
  • Larger models can be as heavy or powerful as the sport bikes and might prove to be too much for a beginner

So, there you have it. This article will surely won’t answer all your questions about getting a new bike but it will at least set you on the right path for future research. Good luck and always remember: stay safe and ride comfortably!

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