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Motorbike Vs UTV Sports: Benefits Of Both

Shutterstock Motorbike Vs UTV Sports: Benefits Of Both
Image: Shutterstock

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Sports and other outdoor riding activities are so much fun when you’re driving the right wheels. Be it a motorbike or a UTV, both can cater to outdoor driving sports.

A motorbike is interchangeable with the term motorcycle, a more formal term. Conversely, the term motorbike is used by more informal publications. When it comes to purpose, a motorbike’s design varies, especially for sports. That’s why motorbikes used for sports are commonly known as sports bikes, which have a higher level of cornering, acceleration, braking, and speed abilities than the regular motorcycles.

On the other hand, a UTV is commonly known as Utility Terrain Vehicle, Utility Task Vehicle, side-by-side, or Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV). When you’re referring to UTVs that people often use in sports, you can say sports UTVs because of their design. Unlike normal UTVs that you find in job sites or farms, sports UTVs have their specs meant for hunting, trails, or racing.

You can buy or use both a motorbike and a sports UTV for fun, and here are some of the benefits they can bring if you decide to invest in one or the other:

1. Speed

One of the many reasons why people participate in riding sports is speed. The faster the ride is, the more accomplished you feel, especially when you’re racing with your motorbike.

With sportbikes, you can expect the greatest and latest technology that allows you to speed up your ride. Some sportbikes can even become uncomfortable unless you go over 100 mph. So if you plan to compete in a race, you can have top speed and race-car levels of acceleration with a sportbike.

On the other hand, you can get a top speed of 80 mph from a UTV, but you can use it to ride over harsh road conditions. Unlike regular cars, you’ll find it hard to traverse on narrow trails, shallow water, muddy, or rocky terrain. But with a UTV, you can speed up on these road conditions.

However, to keep you safe when speeding up your UTV, its wheels must be balanced. You’ll know if your UTV wheels are out of balance when they’re violently shaking at high speeds. You can visit for more detailed instructions on balancing your UTV wheels.

2. Performance

Aside from speed, you need a ride that’ll give its best whenever and wherever you need it. Since outdoor and riding sports are unlike ordinary street racing, a motorbike or a UTV may be the right fit for unusual terrains and extreme road conditions.

As mentioned, you can cross rocky or muddy road conditions with a UTV—but it’s not limited to that. With a high-performing UTV, you can still do so much more. For instance, if you need to haul or tow a lot during the hunting season, a UTV will still work at its best. This is because the horsepower of UTVs are meant for towing and hauling, unlike regular cars. Moreover, most UTVs have more than a 1,400-lb. towing capacity and standard cargo space.

On the other hand, motorbikes are not only meant for leisure or fast-riding. With a motorbike’s high-performing tires, it won’t crank out when you go too fast. High-performing tires can let you perform excellently as they can grip the surface no matter the speed you’re going.

This is why if you’re looking for a speedy yet well-performing ride, a motorbike or UTV should be one of your choices.

Shutterstock Motorbike Vs UTV Sports: Benefits Of Both
Image: Shutterstock

3. Customization

Another way enthusiasts enjoy their sports via a motorbike and a UTV is by customizing them to fit their preferences. Just like ordinary cars, there are many accessories that you can use to remove, modify, or swap your rides. With unique customization, you’re more likely to show off not only your riding skills, but also how cool you are with your wheels.

With motorbikes, you can personalize its color or design to rise above that generic color of motorcycles. Especially when you want to stand out during an event, you can give your motorbike some eye-catching designs or colors. Not only can you customize the appearance of your motorcycle, but you can also do so for its parts like clutch levers, brakes, and grips. That way, you can choose your favorite color and style to fit the overall design of your motorbike.

When it comes to UTV customization, you can also personalize its appearance to your liking. One of the most popular personalizations when it comes to UTVs depends on its purpose.

Although UTVs are already high-powered for heavy loads and extreme activities, some prefer upgrading its shocks and plows. For example, if you want to make your UTV tougher, then changing it shocks with heavy-duty shock absorbers can do the trick. That way, your UTV can perform even better on rough terrains. Or you can also add a lift-kit or a door to protect it from dragging its undercarriage. For some, they even use improvised suspension systems that raise their UTV so it won’t hit the ground easily.

There are a lot more upgrades and customizations you can do for motorbikes and UTVs depending on the area you want to enhance.

4. Safety

Just like any car or vehicle, motorbikes and UTVs can be dangerous when you don’t use them properly. But if you’re careful and stick to how they should be used, you can be safe. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, manufacturers have built speed safety components and capabilities for motorbikes and UTVs, which can keep their rider safe.

For instance, anti-lock brakes of motorbikes can retain steering control when you suddenly hit your brake. Especially when the road is slippery, anti-lock brakes can keep you from crashing and skidding instead of locking up your brakes. When you lock your brakes, you won’t be able to control your steering wheel. Moreover, if you wear the right gear before you ride your bike, you can protect yourself from injuries during accidents. If you’ve mastered defensive driving, you’ll also become extra alert even when you’re not in a tournament.

The same is true when driving a UTV: you must be physically geared and well-learned before driving this type of vehicle. Moreover, UTVs are equipped with seatbelts for both passengers and operators. Another feature that keeps you and your companions safe during a UTV ride is the vehicle’s tubular bars surrounding your seats. Other protective structures include handholds, sturdy canvas netting, and hard plastic doors that can survive extreme conditions.

This is why motorbikes and UTVs are the best choices of sports enthusiasts because of their safety features.


Enjoying extreme sports is much better with a motorbike or UTV. Not only are they manufactured to withstand extraordinary situations, but they’re also built to keep you safe while enjoying your ride. You can go on a speedy ride without worrying about your motorcycle or UTV’s performance as they still function well even while travelling at swift speeds. Moreover, if you want to ride on a unique motorbike or UTV, you can do so by customizing them.