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Take our motorbike trivia challenge

The all-star cast of The Great Escape trivia
The all-star cast of The Great Escape

How did you go in our first three motorcycle trivia quiz challenges?

If you haven’t done them, go to the end of this story and you will see the other quizzes under the “Stories You May Also Like” heading.

Now it’s time to take our fourth trivia quiz, but don’t worry because if you’ve been reading religiously since its birth in 2013, you should have no problems.

As you answer each question, you will get a green light. If not, you’ll get a red light and the correct answer will light up in green.

At the end of the test you will receive a score out of 10 which you can share on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and challenge them to do better.

We trust you not to look up Wikipedia, Google or telephone a mate!

If you want to know the answers to the questions, become a subscriber and we’ll publish the answers in our free weekly newsletter on Tuesday.

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