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MotoMedic Medical ID Card

MotoMedic Medical ID Card

I’ve only fallen once in all the years that I’ve been riding motorcycles, and that was on a dirt bike.

It seems that motorcycle riders will take more chances when riding on dirt, probably because it’s lots of fun to slide around, pull wheelies and basically let loose with a riding style that would never cut it on the street.

I have no idea if the accident rate for dirt bikes is greater than for street bikes, but it makes sense to at least have a plan in case of emergency.  This is especially true for when you end up riding a dirt bike alone out in the woods somewhere.

The MotoMedic ID card system was designed with dirt riders in mind.  The system consists of a medical identification card that can be filled out by the owner with personal contact information and some basic data on the owner’s history of drug allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact information.

The package includes a couple of pieces of clear laminate to place over the ID card.  The cards are designed to be folded into thirds and they slip inside a pocket with a Velcro cover.  The system is available with either a small or large sized nylon pouch that attaches around the fork of a dirt bike.  It’s also available with a break-away lanyard, which can be worn around the neck and tucked under a shirt or jacket.

Two MotoMedic decals are included, which are designed to be worn on the helmet and motorcycle.  If enough riders started using the MotoMedic system, others might become familiar with it and could look for it in case of an accident.

The pouches are designed to fit on either small or large dirt bike fork tubes, or on a cross-bar, either with or without padding.  The the lanyard pouch version can be used any time, either when riding a street bike, ATV or bicycle or when hiking, running, skateboarding or with any other adventure.

MotoMedic said: “MotoMedic ID was designed for dirt bikes, but we have had a lot of interest from dual-sport riders and even street bike riders.  We have had several street bike riders purchase the MotoMedic ID lanyard to be worn while touring the US and Alaska.  The lanyard version works great for the sport bike rider who wears full leathers.  I have been told by local sport bike riders that there really is no place to put you id’s or wallet when wearing leathers.

The lanyard can hold your drivers license, emergency ID card, Registration, cash or even credit cards.  MotoMedic ID will donate 50 cents from each Internet sale to either the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit or to support injured riders and family’s that have experienced financial hardship due to a serious motorcycle accident.”

The MotoMedic costs $11.95, and $0.50 from each order is donated to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit.

UPDATE:  Not long after this article was written, it became clear to me why using a medical id can be a real lifesaver.  My wife is an avid horseback rider for many years and was preparing for a local public timed trial event to be held the next day.  She had just purchased a “level two” protective horse riding vest and I suggested that she attach one of the MotoMedic ID’s to the front.  She filled out the information form, not realizing how important this would be not less than 12 hours from that time.

During her ride the next day, the horse balked at a jump and my wife was thrown to the ground.  She was knocked unconscious.  Fortunately, because it was a public event, emergency medical assistance was nearby.  My wife didn’t remember her name or much of anything else.  The medical personnel immediately found the MotoMedic ID and used the information to call the hospital and to contact me.  Everything turned out as well as could be expected — my wife’s memory returned after an hour or so and she suffered only some bruises in addition to a concussion.  She was back to normal after about a week and just returned to riding, nearly 5 weeks later.

The point is that you never know when you’ll need to have emergency contact information available.  Hopefully, you will never need it.  But just think about lying on the side of the road or out in the woods after an accident — wouldn’t it be nice if the emergency medical personnel found your contact information as soon as they arrived?

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