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These Motohacks by Leticia Cline Will Change the Way You Ride Forever

Have you heard of Leticia Cline? If not, you are missing out! Leticia is a mother, model, and motorcycle enthusiast who shares some awesome motohacks on her YouTube channel. If you have not yet checked it out, you must!

Here is a sampling of the awesome motohacks that Leticia shares in her videos. Pay attention, because they will forever change the way you ride!

1. Headphones

Any rider knows that earbuds have a tendency to fall out when you put your helmet on or during the ride itself. No more!

This awesome motohack uses a twist tie to help keep your earbuds in your ear by wrapping it around the ear bud and hooking the other end onto the ear.

2. How To Keep Your Hands and Fingers Warm

It’s easy to get cold hands and fingers during a ride, but Leticia shares just how to avoid through layering latex gloves underneath your regular gloves.

Doing so helps to retain your body heat. And the latex gloves are small enough to keep with you in any jacket pocket so you’ll never be without! Genius!

3. How To Get Bugs Off Your Helmet Visor

Bugs on your helmet visor is something we all deal with and can be such a pain.

In this awesome motohack, Leticia shares how using unscented dryer sheets on your visor can repel bugs and help rain to bead right off during inclement weather.

4. How To Keep Your Visor From Fogging Up

Another great motohack details how to prevent fogging of your visor using shaving cream!

Simply remove your visor, wash and dry it, and then cover the inside and outside with shaving cream. Let it sit for a few minutes and then buff it out with a clean cloth. Voila–you’re ready to ride!

5. How To Keep Your Body Warm On Cold Rides

Cold rides can be tough, but Leticia has an awesome tip to help you stay warm when it’s cold outside…and all you need is newspaper!

Simply take a section of newspaper, hold it close to your body, and then zip your jacket over top. This extra barrier will help you to retain your body heat. Awesome!

6. Waterproof Tank Bag

Want to make your own waterproof tank bag? All you need is a few magnets and a Ziploc bag!

Put two magnets inside the ziploc bag so they fall to the bottom. Insert your map, and then place the other two magnets at the top of the bag and seal it up. Now you’re ready to ride!