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MotoGP crash online petition ‘crashes’

MotoGP Valentino Rossi and Marc arquez
Marquez crashes

A petition calling for Valentino Rossi’s points to be restored after the Malaysian GP incident with Marc Marquez has gathered more than 300,000 signatures in the first 24 hours and sent the site into meltdown.

Who do you think is most at fault? Go to the end of this story and cast your vote.

Regardless of whether you support Rossi or Marquez over the incident, the controversy is bound to give MotoGP more publicity and spice.

The racing has been great this year, the championship close, the crowds huge and the extra publicity should make this one of the great seasons people will talk about for years.

GP racing has been fuelled with characters and tough battles over the decades, but modern MotoGP had fallen into the doldrums for a few years. The last bit of spice we had was when Vale and Max Biaggi had a dust-up on the stairs up to the rostrum.

Such controversy and hot-headed characters give the sport the attention it deserves and certainly makes it look more interesting than Formula One.

However, there is also a danger that the officials could spoil the series with their handling of the affair.

At least that is what Rossi fans believe and is the thrust of the petition which is published on in English, Italian, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian and Spanish.

We guarantee there aren’t too many Spanish supporters!

“The integrity of MotoGP is falling into disgrace,” says the petition addressed to MotoGP Race Director Mike Webb, FIM Officials, UFIM Officials and Lin Jarvis.

“You have just condoned dirty racing tactics by punishing Valentino Rossi for pursuing the championship whilst being harassed and sabotaged by Marc Marquez. At the same time you have allowed Jorge Lorenzo to overtake on a yellow flag, without penalty.

Petition founder and obvious Rossi fan Nicholas Davis of the UK says the sport “has an agenda that betrays riders and fans”.

Who do you think is at fault in this ugly saga? Cast your vote in the poll below.


  1. Marquez knew full well what he was doing. As far as I’m concerned he got taught a lesson in playing with the big boys. Sure Rossi has to take some responsibility but I don’t believe he intended MM to crash — look at the footage, MM hit VR first and then Valentino did a air kick. MM lied about that when he claimed Valentino kicked his handlebars. I also note race direction believed MM was deliberately seeking to slow VR down.

    Fine VR for damaging the Honda and let the best riders earn their grid position.

    And what happened to the Lorenzo passing while a Yellow flag was on display? Was that real or a beat-up?

    Mark — any chance you could change your ‘Robot checker’ to something beer or bikes related?

    1. In case you’ve forgotten, Marquez is still the CURRENT WORLD MOTO GO CHAMPION, and doesn’t have to get out of anybody’s way .. least of all a has-been like Rossi. VR cant win on ability alone, so resorted to a temper tantrum, accusing his own team mate ( Lorenzo in case you’ve forgotten ) of being in league with the evil opposition Honda team. Rossi is nearly as sad a case as some of his rabid supporters are … there is no room in racing for anyone who deliberately brings another rider down. Case closed.

    1. Interesting, and underlines my argument. It is an Italian website that ‘exonerates’ Rossi. I saw another shorter vid of the kicking incident on Twitter, and in slow motion it also backed up Rossi not deliberately causing the crash.

  2. Bottom line is that Rossi got his penalty not so much for kicking (if he indeed did) but for running MM wide. This is against regulation and the spirit of the sport and that’s that ! I would have loved to see it come down to the last lap of the last race but Rossi lost his cool and did something against the rules and has to take the penalty for that.

    MM was very aggressive but hey that’s what we like to see and that not illegal. And lets not forget that JL was behind both of them and Rossi let JL overtake him and did nothing. Why didn’t he fight JL the way he fought MM or at least stay with him. He let JL right off into the sunset only to be tangled up with MM.

    So I woin’t be signing any petition because the punshment is fair and Rossi could have avoided this in many ways.

    Shame about the last race as I think JL has it now in the bag and I would have rather liked Rossi winning his 10th.

    1. Joe, if you look closely both last two races, better if you look at times sheet of them, you can see clearly MM was riding to let JL go away (thanks to his renewed supremacy on track). So if you didn’t see a fight between VR and JL, is ’cause the two spaniard decided so (actually months ago some journalist noticed something..). This is what is really going on.

      ..and for the running wide….. is something many riders do SO often….just 3 races ago Pedrosa on Rossi (just for instance)…..common…


  3. Marquez deliberately slowed Rossi down for at least two races, Rossi gives professional and safe professional courtesy warnings and only returns the action by slowing him down in one corner. It was actually Marquez who lent into Rossi from the outside making deliberate contact and falls off his own bike – Now Rossi gets penalised? Not a measured balanced judgment it is a bad bad decision for the sport, us fans and Rossi. MotoGP Race direction are saying Marquez didn’t break rules but he made deliberate contact? there may be no rule for slowing Rossi down in two races so how can running Marquez wide to slow him down only one time be any different and penalised? There is no consistency or precedent, Race direction must reconsider in light of footage and the actual facts and bigger picture for the good of the Sport. The Fans and sponsors are getting cheated by paying and watching a championship that is not a level playing field. MotoGP must use common sense and apply rulings in line with the spirit of the rules and championship. Rossi only slowed in one corner and didn’t make any deliberate contact so there should be no penalty for him. Put it right Race Direction MotoGP Officials or this is going to have far reaching impact on MotoGP viewers and support in the future, lets not forget Rossi wont be around for ever to generate revenues and this is making the next possible Golden boy 93 Marquez as an unsupportable disgrace among a large proportion of fans….. Why aren’t the sponsors up in arms at the injustice?

  4. I can’t believe that anyone can excuse Rossi for what he did! Any racer should fight hard never to lose a place to an opponent, and Rossi scraped the bottom of the barrel by making the stupid accusation before the race, so Marquez reacted in the way that he should have. This time, he spoiled a ding dong battle by doing the dirty on Marquez and all Motogp fans, as I was hoping the battle would continue. Fat lot of good it did him as well, as the leaders only gapped him more after he wreck the best dicing I’d seen for a long time.

    If Marquez hadn’t tried to turn when he did, Rossi would have run him through the gravel trap and into the fence! Un-be-bloody- leivable! If it was Marquez doing to Rossi what was done to him, the Rossi fans would still be blowing up at Marquez.

    Rossi should have retired after he embarrassed himself at Ducati, He’s just too old to accept it when things aren’t going his way. I don’t like the Spanish domination of the sport either, but that’s not the way to conduct yourself.

  5. The matter is simple. Marquez has done nothing unlawful. Whatever your opinion of the ethics of Marquez attempting to slow Rossi, that is not unlawful. However, deliberately causing another rider to crash is clearly unlawful. Rossi’s penalty is, in my view, insufficient for the crime. I have marvelled at Rossi’s talent his whole career. But Valentino has severely damaged his reputation with this stupid feud. If Saint Valentino was concerned about Marquez’s ‘interference, his solution was to go faster than Marc, not take him out.

  6. Rossi has been a bully for many years now using smear campaigns, manipulation and intimidation tactics, but some fans just refuse to see it. Soon as someone becomes a threat he attacks them with his mind games, Gibernau, Biaggi, tried it on Stoner but didn’t work. Now he has Lorenzo and Marquez who he cant intimidate and he knows it. He is past winning more championships now but because of a poor season by JL and MM and DP with various problems he’s found himself at the front, which he has earned by staying upright and having a problem free year. The performance regarding JL and MM after Phillip Island was another ploy to put in the racers mind to clear a path so he could try to get up front and have a shot at JL, as he knows he cant do it when the others are on song, which they are now. But it backfired big time and the world has finally seen his true colours when he doesn’t get his way. The yellow flag constantly referred to by many was waved incorrectly by a enthusiastic marshal, revealed after video scrutiny. Rossi should have been black flagged, received no race points and disqualified for the next race but that would have handed JL the championship on the spot at sepang but the Motogp powers that be don’t have the spine for that one, so they now have him at the back of the grid, keeping their cash cow in the mix.
    Is been disgraceful display by Rossi since the race of the decade at the Island, time to move on before he injures someone.

  7. People are forgetting that the only penalty Rossi received for deliberately forcing Marquez offline and ultimately out of the race was 3 penalty points.
    This on it’s own would have had little affect on the Championship IF Rossi had not received a penalty point previously for blocking Lorenzo while on a hot lap in qualifying at Misano.
    So, it would seem there’s really no one else to blame but himself for having to start at the back of the grid at Valencia, assuming his appeal is not successful.

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