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MotoGP Could Race With Minimal Crew and No Race Fans

MotoGP racer on the track
Image from MotoGP

COVID-19 Racing

MotoGP, like all other forms of sporting events, hasn’t been able to continue in the wake of COVID-19. Races have been postponed or canceled, and people are looking for a solution. One of the solutions being considered according to an email shared by Asphalt & Rubber is that races could be held behind closed doors and with minimal crew and staff. This would allow the races to continue while still keeping most people safe.

Only people essential to the operations of the racing would be allowed on site. This means the press, PR folks, and anyone not essential to the function of the races would have to stay home. Asphalt & Rubber reached out the IRTA CEO Mike Trimby and he said the following:

“Clearly, we are exploring all options but every one depends on what restrictions are removed on travel and mass gatherings. And such restrictions will vary from country to country,” Trimby said. “The purpose of the survey sent to teams was to establish the minimum numbers of people that we would need to safely run an event behind closed doors. Having that information would enable us to move quickly to provide genuine information to promoters or governments if an opportunity was to arise.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with this. I think racing behind closed doors is a good option, though I know that’s not ideal either.