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More Honda Motorcycles Could Get Suspension Setup From Gold Wing

honda patent front suspension

Some New Patents Suggest It

Honda’s Gold Wing has a sophisticated suspension setup, and according to some new patent info showcased by RideApart, that system could be used on other motorcycles. The system uses a double-wishbone design as opposed to more traditional telescoping forks. 

The use of a double-wishbone suspension setup allows for the wheel to be positioned closer to the rest of the bike and for the wheel to travel up and down instead of on an angle like with most other suspension setups. The new patent designs show a similar setup on some designs that aren’t the Gold Wing. One of them looks like a CB1100. The other appears to be a Super Cub. This design would be pretty cool on both of these bikes.

What’s interesting is how this design works with various machines. The CB1100 has an engine that sits pretty tall in the frame, whereas the Super Cub has a horizontally oriented engine. The double-wishbone style suspension allows for tighter packaging of these bikes not to mention a cool new look and some weight savings. While Honda has not made any official announcements about these bikes, it’s cool to see the company fiddling with the suspension and trying to come up with something new and interesting.