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Monash University conducts speed survey

speed demons monash contradiction

A new Monash University survey is asking the public about speed limits, point-to-point speed cameras and a proposal for a 40km/h suburban limit in the ACT.

While it may seem a progressive move, the research will be compiled by the Monash University Accident Research Centre which is known for its bias towards decrease speeds, more speed cameras and increasing fines. It also tends to neglect riders.

Riders should deluge the survey and show the politicians what motorists really think.

Ok, it says you have to be an ACT resident, over 18 and have an ACT motorcycle licence, however as riders who travel through the region, it surely must be worthwhile having your say.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete online and it is anonymous, so they will never know if you are a resident or not.

Monash survey

It begins by asking how fast motorists should be allowed to travel in 60km/h and 100km/h zones before they are fined.

The Monash survey also asks about the 40km/h zones in pedestrian areas such as shopping centres and school zones.Wall to Wall for Remembrance Police monash

It then moves on to some leading questions about enforcement, point-to-point speed cameras, your attitudes to speeding and whether you’ve been booked in the past couple of years.

The survey ends with a query about whether you are aware that the Access Canberra website allows people to nominate a location for a mobile speed camera, then asks for any extra comments.

The Monash survey is available online at and closes on 30 March 2018.

A full list of camera sites and operational logs is also available on the Government’s open data website at

Speeding Arabs

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has set its highest speed limit of 160km/h on the new four-lane highway running into the capital.

speed abu dhabi monash
Abu Dhabi’s 160km/h highway

Speed cameras will be set at 161km/h, rather than the 20km/h buffer elsewhere.

The new speed limit is being introduced to ease the flow of commercial traffic and support economic growth.


  1. Anything you say to Monash will be filtered to suit their bias.
    If you say speed cameras result in more deaths they will hear speeding results in more deaths.

  2. Yet another study………………………
    Let me save them all the trouble: the faster you go the more you are likely to hurt yourself if you crash, therefore if the legislators reduce speed limits towards zero the rate and severity of injuries will come down.
    To further state the bloody obvious, the inconvenience caused to the already weary and frustrated motorist will not be considered by the organisers of the study.

    1. Actually, no.
      Higher velocity = higher severity not higher chance of injury.

      If your knee hits a wire rope post at 110kph it’s smashed into a million bits.
      If your knee hits a wire rope post at 60kph it’s smashed into 1,000 bits.
      If your knee hits a wire rope post at 40kph it’s smashed into 100 bits.

      No matter what the speed, your knee’s smashed & you lose your leg. Chance of injury = 100%.
      At least it’s not your head.

  3. Most motorcycles dont have a reverse gear, so what happens then the speed limit does hit zero, Jeff?

    If you drive or ride like a myopic distracted moron, you are more likely to be hurt in a crash or hurt someone else, regardless of speed. Hopefully this is stating the obvious.

  4. If a 40k speed limit comes in anywhere except roadworks I’ll drive at 20k. If I have to suffer then everyone else can too.

  5. I completed my survey. It won’t be what they want to hear, but I feel better now. One of those Numpty’s has to read it at least. If enough of us do this, maybe a penny will drop… eventually.

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