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Minimize Your Silhouette With Kodlin’s Lower Bar Risers for Softail Breakout

Kodlin Low Bar Risers

Another Harley Modification to Add to the Endless List of Parts Available

When it comes to handlebars, some Harley riders prefer ape hangers, others want the complete opposite. Kodlin, a German aftermarket parts manufacturer has a new product if you find yourself in the latter category.

If you ride a 2018+ Harley Davidson M8 Softtail Breakout and are looking for a product to bring a little more refinement to your brute-of-a-bike, handlebar lowering risers are a good place to start. I know it’s a little confusing, but they’re bar risers that lower the bars… Lowsers?

Kodiln has the new aluminum “lowsers” (please don’t kill me), available for € 149.00 ($173 USD) on their site. Below are some images for you to get an idea of just how they really can change the look of the bike. I’m more partial to lower bars myself as they really clean up the silhouette of a Harley, but in some cases, you may trade comfort for style in a modification like this as it will change your riding position up a little bit.

Kodlin Low Bar Risers

To order a set for your Softtail Breakout visit the Kodlin site to check em’ out. Kodlin has a wicked amount of parts to kit out your Harley and completely reimagine an already great looking bike.

Kodlin Low Bar Risers