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Military Special Forces Tests Side-Mounted Electric Motorcycles on Helicopters

a military helicopter featuring a side-mounted electric motorcycle in prototype for stealth missions

A decade ago, we couldn’t have said that electric motorcycles were as efficient as they are today.  They were heavier, clunky, sported multiple problems, and didn’t have the range of charging locations that our countries currently hold. 

Now, they’re starting to give fossil fuel machines a run for their money – to the point where even our military is testing them for stealth missions and generic fieldwork. 

Take the latest news from Electrek, for example. 

A side view of a ZERO electric motorcycle

The article tells us that the the UAE Special Operations Commands been testing out side-mounted carriers for electric motorcycles on their utility transport and air assault aircraft. Special forces testing Black Hawk helicopter/EV combos for stealth insertion seems cool, but the interesting bit of gossip is that Zero Motorcycles may have landed the gig, with the media showing what appears to be a Zero FX model tethered to the side belly of the chopper. 

A side view of a ZERO electric motorcycle

“[Electric motorcycles] are often used in military roles where their low-noise electric motors make them a much stealthier option than gas-powered dirt bikes,” states the report. 

“Their low sound signature and lack of gas smell make them nearly as stealthy as a bicycle while still offering the benefits of a powerful motorbike….[and] while it doesn’t always make for an action-packed movie, one of the most common missions conducted by special operations forces is basic reconnaissance. The goal is to insert, observe, and exfiltrate completely unnoticed and without contact.”

A side view of a ZERO electric motorcycle

Since a loud helicopter is the last thing needed on the docket of a stealth mission, the article tells us that military personnel typically lands further off and travels in on foot. With the addition of an electric motorcycle, however, versatility would come with increased range, speed, and the potential to carry heavy loads.

A side view of a ZERO electric motorcycle

This particular chopper/EV duo was premiered at the Dubai AirShow of 2021, with the UAE’s SOCOM telling us that it’s currently undergoing trials for evaluation, with other EV brands on the list for experimentation.

We will keep our eyes on the incoming news for you regarding other stories like this; in the meantime, be sure to check out other recent news from our archives that we’ve curated just for you, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.