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Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres

Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres

French tyre company Michelin has made a new Anakee Adventure tyre specifically for those riders who don’t like as much adventure as they do touring.

The new Michelin Anakee Adventure will be unveiled at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan this week (November 6-11). It will be available in Australia from January.

It has been approved for the new BMW R 1250 GS as well as many other big-capacity adventure bikes. Michelin’s partnership with BMW Motorrad started in 2005.

BMW R 1250 GS and RT anakee
2019 BMW R 1250 GS

Anakee Adventure

This latest addition to their range is designed for 80% road use and 20% track/trail use.

It joins their adventure range consisting of the Road 5 Trail for 100% road use and Anakee Wild for 50% road and 50% off-road.

Michelin claims the Anakee Adventure has exceptional grip on wet roads due to its new-generation silica-enhanced compound.

It is also claimed to have dry weather stability and long wear thanks to two Michelin-patented technologies: Dual Compound 2CT and Dual Compound 2CT+.

Anakee Adventure also has a new, open tread pattern for traction on unsealed tracks and trails.

They will be available in the following sizes:

  • 100/90 – 19 M/C 57V
  • 170/60 R 17 M/C 72V
  • 140/80 R 17 M/C 69H
  • 90/90 – 21 M/C 54V
  • 150/70 R 17 M/C 69V
  • 110/80 R 19 M/C 59V
  • 130/80 R 17 M/C 65H
  • 150/70 R 18 M/C 70V
  • 120/70 R 19 M/C 60V

Survey ratingsMichelin Anakee

The French tyre company recently scored second in the Canstar Blue customer satisfaction survey behind Pirelli.

Michelin won in the first year in 2015 and again 2017.

The 2018 Canstar Blue customer satisfaction survey of more than 350 riders reveals some startling findings about rider attitudes to their motorcycle tyres.

Almost half of Aussie motorcycle riders have not checked their tyre pressures in the past three months.

Click here to find out about the correct tyre pressures.

Some 13% ride on tyres they suspect have illegal tread and almost one in five riders delays buying new tyres.

When they do buy, one in 10 buys the cheapest tyres available and 7% admit they bought the wrong tyres for their bike and style of riding.

Canstar Blue says these statistics reveal that some riders are flirting with danger when it comes to riding on potentially unsafe tyres.

  1. Adventure tyres? They don’t look much better than slicks; I don’t think too many of those will see much adventure. They’ll more likely appear on GS’s bought purely for road use when the owners want it to look like they are around-the-world travellers.

    1. tkc70 is a similar pattern and designed in conjunction with a round the world traveller and travel guide who does long journeys through china, Russia, mongolia.. so Graeme, guess you are wrong there… and they will be on more than just GS’s

  2. My 2014 R1200GS (that means h2o for those not sure or paying attention) on Conti TKC 70s have been the best on road and trail combo so far out of the 4 big tire brand Adventure tires. The original Anakee were the worst. On the Conti TKC 70 I get 4K stuck to the pavement wet or dry and fairly great off road bite before they start to lose secure ride feeling. I do scrape the boots in the twisties and the tires do get the wedged look. I don’t spend a lot of time in the dirt. Just fire trails, and nothing more than shallow sand with this big bike and civilized 70/30 tires. If you like doing motocross on a 550 lb machine well aren’t you so awesome “la tee fing ta!” The GS 12 is a very capable bike. However, anything more than half way decent fire trails requires at least a 50% knob or you will quickly get in trouble and start spending more than the 23K you paid for the bike to start with. My advice to the tough talking GS haters, and let’s face it “wanna bees” is get a small light bike made for tearing up the dirt and shut up! AS for the bigger tire companies making better adventure tires, HELL YEAH! This is the market! All the grown up guys still riding are on Adventure bikes so MAKE MORE KICK ASS ADV TIRES AND DON’T STOP.

    1. Bill, you seem to have been pushed into a defensive mindset.
      People don’t mock GS riders who actually use them as adventure bikes rather than symbols (similar to the H-D crowd’s reputation)

  3. I’m currently running Heidenau scout 60’s on my 2014 GS Adventure, my second set. They are a 50/50 tire and have performed well on & off road. Will have to replace them soon and am thinking about the Anakee Adventur. I don’t use the bike off road as much as on anymore, so this could be my next tire. If you read the specs, it is an 80/20 tire, which could work well for me!

  4. my 2014 Vstrom, while no dirt bike (my DR650 does that) is an adventure tourer that doesn’t baulk at dirt trails and gravel. In this setting TKC70s have been good, but Anakee 3 has been at least as good all around and is currently my record holder for tyre life (over 20,000kms front and rear). I have the Adventures booked for a mid trip tyre change so will monitor them with great interest

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