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Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks Debuted for Track Days

metzeler td slicks

Get Ready for Your Track Day With These Tires

The tire company Metzeler has recently released a new racing slick tire for track days. The tires are the Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks, and they look like they would be ready for any racetrack out there.

The tires are designed with the track-day enthusiast in mind instead of the hardcore racer. These tires don’t require tire warmers to be used. These tires are not designed to be used on the street. They are track-only slicks. 

Tire warmers aren’t needed because these tires heat up so quickly. After several turns, they’ll be up to temperature. They heat up much faster than many of the other racing slicks out there, making them a more approachable option to an amateur track day rider.

Metzeler td slicks

Another good thing about these tires is that they were created as close to OEM specifications as possible, meaning they should swap right onto your motorcycle without issues. These tires can also be flipped. This might sound odd, but it means if you run the same track all the time with the same turns, the tire will wear unevenly. Being able to flip it and essentially run it backwards means you’ll get the most tire life out the slicks.

I don’t get to the racetrack very often, but it would be cool to see how exactly these stack up to the other options out there.