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Metal Master Motorcycle Metal Polish

Metal Master Motorcycle Metal Polish

Review Summary
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We’ve become rather jaded when it comes to motorcycle polishes, cleaners, waxes and metal polish.

After using and reviewing over 55 different formulas, only a small handful really stand out as something special.  Be sure to read see the Group 1 and Group 2collection of review articles, and the list of our choice for “Best in Class” products on the Group 2 introduction page.

Although it seems like it may be rather late in the season here in the northern hemisphere for another motorcycle polish review article, the fact is that many motorcycles will soon be prepped for their winter’s rest.  If you’re as conscientious about your babies as I am, you’ll want to wash them and polish them before putting them to sleep.

There’s no doubt that you’ll find several excellent choices for the job in our previous reviews, but we found one more batch of products that is definitely worth a separate article.  Just about every motorcycle polish or cleaning product lately claims to be the absolute best, easiest to use, knockout formula that puts all the others to shame.

As I said, we’re pretty jaded about all of this, because the vast majority of products that we try turn out to be no better than the el Cheapo stuff that can be found on the shelves of the nearest Big Box discount store.

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But we were immediately intrigued by this selection of Britemax brand products from Metal Master, LLC.  These are no-nonsense containers with contents that certainly look, feel and smell like nothing else we’ve tried.  Our selection, shown in the photo at the top of this page, includes the Metal Master Easy Cut Metal Cleaner and Metal Master Final Shine and Sealant; the Britemax #6S Spray & Shine product and Britemax Grime Out.

Metal Master started with a formula for aluminum polish that became very popular with the “pros”; users like truck drivers, hot rod owners and even fire fighters.  They went on to develop an entire family of cleaners, polishes and waxes that have become underground favorites with many “in the know” vehicle owners, sold under the Britemax brand name.

Metal Master and Britemax products are not that easy to find; in fact, they are not currently sold online.  Look for them at places like auto repair suppliers, truck accessory stores or custom car shops.  Sometimes finding the “unique and interesting products” that we tell you about on webBikeWorld aren’t that easy to find, so just remember: the journey is usually more fun than the destination!

We’ve listed each of these products in their own mini-review standard format, developed during our last round of motorcycle cleaners and polish reviews.  I don’t want to spill the beans here, but be sure to read about each of these products, which have led us to revise our “Best in Class” picks one more time!

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