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Maxima Chain Guard Motorcycle Chain Lube

Maxima Chain Guard Motorcycle Chain Lube

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Maxima Chain Guard is a “foamy” type motorcycle chain lube spray.

If you like foamy chain lubes, this is one to check out.

It has the least amount of overspray or waste for a foamy type.

The foam “bubbles” up over and around the chain, but not as rapidly or as out-of-control as some of the other types.

The foam dissipates rapidly, and it does seem like the foaming action helps to distribute the lube down and into the chain.

Perhaps the bursting bubbles push the liquid into the chain recesses in between the side plates?

It’s relatively expensive though at $6.00 for only 170 grams, or $0.035 per gram, about twice the cost per unit of our favorite in this batch, Klotz KLR chain lube.

Bottom line, this is a pretty good chain lube but it’s difficult to tell if the bubbles are adding anything to the process. Maybe the bubbles help to move the lube down between the side plates on the chain?

Maxima Chain Guard Motorcycle Chain Lube
Type: Spray Foam
Cost: High (More Info)
Efficiency: Good
Sprayer: Good
Fling-off: Low
Sticky Factor: Low
Availability: Good (wBW Store)
Manufacturer: Maxima Racing Oils
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Maxima Chain Guard Motorcycle Chain Lube

Publication Date: June 2008

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