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Marzocchi Signs Production Deal With QJ Motor

In an effort to expand its reach in the Asian market, VRM SPA, the firm that owns Marzocchi, has partnered with Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (aka QJ Motor).

Under the new collaboration, the Italian and Chinese firms will set up a new production facility in the Chinese Zhejiang province. Located to the south of Shanghai, the plant will be able to manufacture forks and struts for the domestic market, as well as for export. Meanwhile, R&D of the suspension systems will continue to take place at Marzocchi’s headquarters in Bologna.

Partnerships between Asian and European firms have become increasingly common in the recent past. While the former benefits from new technology and designs, the latter gains the benefit of a massive new market. Some other popular examples of this are tie-ups between KTM and CFMoto and Triumph and Bajaj. The Marzocchi deal is expected to produce similar results. 

The VRM Group acquired Marzocchi in 2016, saving it from the brink of collapse. Things have looked better since and Marzocchi is now one of the top players in the suspension industry. 

Florenzo Vanzetto, CEO of the VRM Group, said, “When we bought Marzocchi, the turnover was 8 million per year. Today it has a turnover of 32 million and is growing and is growing more and more with new projects and new partnerships. Within the Automotive division of VRM, it is becoming the core business”

The new deal will likely see this number rise as the company’s parts will now be a lot more accessible in the world’s most populated country, and one of the largest two-wheeler markets globally. 

Source:, VisorDown