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Magnetic Light Mine Review

A Magnetic LED Light

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Single white LED on a plastic ball covered with small magnets is more of a novelty than a serious flashlight.

I discovered the Risk Racing Magnetic Light Mine whilst doing some background research for the PowerFlare LED Emergency Light (review).

The Magnetic Light Mine is a small (approximately 40 mm across) plastic ball with 12 individual magnets placed around the surface.

It weighs 22 grams (3/4 oz.). The magnets hold the ball on a piece of ferrous metal and a single LED light can be engaged to provide a minimal amount of light for emergency use.

The Magnetic Light Mine is more of a novelty or curiosity than anything else, in my opinion.

The magnets don’t seem very powerful and their orientation means that they don’t sit flush to the surface of the item that the Light Mine is attached to.

It doesn’t stick very well to tubular frames either, especially if they have a thick powder coat, like the Ducati.

The single LED light isn’t very powerful; it’s sort of like one of those keychain LEDs. Just enough light to get the key into the hole, but not much more than that.

I tried it in several orientations on the bike at night, and I suppose it’s handy in that it can allow a hands-free evolution, but I’d rather spend the 7 bucks on something like a Gordon LED flashlight (review), still one of the best LED bargains around.

The Magnetic Light Mine uses 3 small replaceable LR44 watch batteries.

Don’t forget that the magnets may affect electronic devices, media and credit cards.

Magnetic Light Mine Close-up

Magnetic Light Mine Display

wBW Video: Powerflare LED Emergency Light and the Magnetic Light Mine


The Magnetic Light Mine is kind of fun but my feeling is it’s only a novelty and I’d rather have a small LED flashlight, which is easier to carry and more versatile.

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wBW Review: Magnetic Light Mine
Manufacturer: Risk Racing List Price (2010): $6.99
Colors: Red with white LED. Made In: China
Review Date: August 2010
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