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Luggage Locker Motorcycle Tail Bag

Luggage Locker Motorcycle Tail Bag

Review Summary

High-quality, custom designed luggage that can be secured to the motorcycle.

This is a review of the Luggage Locker Elite Seat Sack.

First off, let me say I have been strapping things to motorcycles since 1992 and this is one of the finest pieces of luggage I have purchased.

These bags are custom made per application because of their unique mounting style. The seat sacks come in two different mounting configurations.

For Sportbikes with removable passenger seats, they sell a version that replaces the entire seat. For motorcycles with one piece seats, they sell a version that has a pocket that the rear portion of the seat fits into and then straps that wrap around the seat to secure everything.

The Luggage Locker Elite Seat Sack

I purchased one to fit my 2007 Yamaha FZ6, which has a one-piece seat. The bag measures about 14” long, 12” wide (for the main compartment not including the side compartments) and 9” tall. It has a rugged carrying handle on top.

Construction is of Cordura, although for $20 more they will construct it of “Lexel” in standard or pebble grain (“looks like the surface of a basketball”). Lexel is a waterproof material. Overall build quality is excellent and it is made right here in the USA in Ohio.

My brother opted for the waterproof version for his SV1000 and has been very pleased with it. His girlfriend runs the Cordura version on her SV650 and has sprayed it with Scotchgaurd with good results.

All zippered areas are covered with large storm flaps. There is a compartment on each side that measures 9” long by 2” wide by 7” high.

Pocket and Piping
On the rear is a Velcro closed pocket and reflective striping
Close-up of Locking Zipper
All of the zippers have a set of overlapping lugs that allow for the use of small locks (not included)
Luggage Locker Tank Bag
The lid of the main enclosure has a quick release strap at each corner that can be used to compress the height of the bag. These area also have rings on them that can be used as additional tie down points for other smaller items.
Luggage Locker Tank Bag Cinch Straps
Cinch straps are included.
Luggage Locker Elite Seat Sack Motorcycle Tail Bag - Interior
The main interior is lined with fine woven nylon. There are no straps or pockets inside the main compartment.
Luggage Locker Elite Seat Sack Motorcycle Tail Bag - Straps
Now for the good part, the attachment system. On the bottom of the bag is a large pocket that the rear of the seat fits into. There are two Velcro backed straps that are used to secure it all.
Luggage Locker Elite Seat Sack Motorcycle Tail Bag - Bottom View
The seat latch latch can be seen in this picture.
Luggage Locker Elite Seat Sack Motorcycle Tail Bag - On Seat
Since each bag is custom made per application, the fit of the pocket to the OEM seat is superb. I do not know how the fit would be with aftermarket seats that are thicker or have a different shape then the OEM item.

Once placed on the motorcycle, the bag is very secure. Because of the straps, it cannot be removed from the motorcycle unless the seat is removed or the thief has a knife to cut it off.

A quick fill showed it would easily swallow a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, several t-shirts, socks, etc. Use the side pockets for cell phone, maps, toiletries or whatever else and then use the attachment points on the lid to secure rain gear and you are good to go for a nice weekend getaway.


I am so impressed with this item, that I am looking into one of their tank bags also. The bags are made custom for each application, so it may take some time for delivery.

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Available From: Luggage Locker List Price (2008): $149.95 USD
Colors: Black with black, red, blue, silver or yellow piping. Made In: U.S.A.
Review Date: January 2008  Comments: The company also makes patented locking tank bags, insulated lunch boxes for motorcycles and other accessories.
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From “J.D.”:  “I have used the Elite Seat Sak for about six months on my CBR600F4i. Like most riders who ride full-time, I’ve spent countless dollars on various bits of gear and add-ons, most of which were a disappointment. This piece of luggage is worth every dollar I paid.

There are year-to-year differences in the seat of the F4i, and after ordering I received an email from Luggage Locker asking me to verify my bike model, just to make sure that I didn’t end up sending the bag back. You don’t see that kind of personal attention very often anymore.

The bag cannot fall off, it’s difficult to steal, and it holds a great deal of stuff — and you can’t ask for much more than that out of your luggage. I would recommend getting the waterproof version. I did not, and it tended to collect water in a heavy rain until I used a can of Camp Dry on it (which did solve the problem). I highly recommend this bag, and I will definitely be buying one for my next bike.