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LiveWire One is Now in Europe

Livewire's One. Media sourced from Electrek.
Livewire's One. Media sourced from Electrek.

It feels like a moon and a half since Harley-Davidson debuted their electric brand spinoff, LiveWire – even further since LiveWire went public prior to the release of the marque’s second bike, the S2 Del Mar. 

Now, markets are heating up as the $22,799 One enters the EU – a fitting market for a luxury electric bike. 

Although LiveWire’s initial IPO renders the brand no longer connected directly with Harley-Davidson, we’re told by Electrek that the bike will be produced in Harley-Davidson’s York, Pennsylvania-based factory, with the pricing adjusted to the country-relevant list below: 

Germany: €24,990

France: €25,290

The Netherlands: €25,390

UK: £22,990

Livewire's One. Media sourced from Electrek.
Livewire’s One. Media sourced from Electrek.

The bike works well with a level 1 wall charger, and we’re told the 0-60mph personality of Harley’s brainchild can be no better described than likening the thing to “straddling an electromechanical rocket.”

The big question remains: For how long will the LiveWire One remain relevant?

Demands in the electric industry are fast-turning to adventure-oriented offerings with the capability to go off-roading; couple this with the fact that electric technology advances at speeds similar to our own smart devices, and one can only guess that this year’s model will be last year’s mundane machine. 

Do you think that the LiveWire One will hold its value as LiveWire’s first electric offering?

*Media sourced from Electrek*