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Little Care for COVID-19 and a Wild Time at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Image from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Facebook Page

A Higher Number of Arrests This Year

A while back I reported that Sturgis would go on. Now it’s in full swing (it started on Friday), and over the course of the weekend it’s become clear that this year might be different than the others, and not just because of COVID-19.

Several outlets reported on the fact that there is little care for COVID-19 and practically no social distancing at Sturgis, something many consider a dangerous move. Additionally, according to the Argus Leader, there have already been more arrests and DUIs this year. 

CBS News reported that there had been 84 arrests, 226 citations, and 18 crashes on Saturday and Sunday. The publication does say that it seems the police are less lenient this year. They’re more apt to issue citations for low-level offenses. This could be the cause of the uptick in citations, but it’s also worth noting that this could be the largest gathering of people since the pandemic hit, and people are quite simply ready to blow off some steam.

The 18 motorcycle crashes have not been fatal accidents and most of the tickets and arrests have been for low-level crimes. However, the bigger issue is COVID-19. It will be interesting to see how many cases result from the gathering at Sturgis. According to reports, around 250,000 bikers are expected to show up for the event. If that many do, and they’re not social distancing—and it appears nobody is—then this should be a good gauge for how cases will spread at large events. Sturgis could be the last big motorcycle event for quite some time if things go poorly.

  1. Let them enjoy life.

    Hong Kong flung 1969 and the rockers still had Woodstock.

    Back they people weren’t sheep.

    1. …but apparently one side-effect of the Hong Kong flu was to leave those afflicted spelling challenged.
      Imagine what Covid 19 will wreak to those infected survivors!

  2. Jim Justice, Gov. WV said wear your Dam Mask, more recently he said It the only bullet in the gun. So all you smart people who want to talk trash about hillbillies and WV too how smart does not wearing mask or even social distancing make you look. If you think a mask bothers you think what a respirator tube down the throat will feel like . And have some mercy on your fellow Americans and Wear Your Dam Mask

    1. For this, it goes beyond wearing a mask. They shouldn’t have held it this year. Masks help, but anytime you get hundreds of thousands of people together during a pandemic you’re going to have trouble keeping folks safe.

  3. Wow, these people are dumb. Mostly Trump supporters I’m sure, mostly anti-science dolts, it will be so interesting to see how many of these unhealthy, overweight gems of society get this disease and spread it to others. Shame on them, some of them are going to die and don’t yet know it. How stupid. Harley riders were never the brightest light bulb in the pack. Good riddance.

    1. Well, I’m not going to be condescending or insulting but will say that holding the Rally to begin with was not a smart move, I imagine its 100% financially motivated.
      When you let ‘grown ups’ make their own decisions and not have any mandates, look what happens. Even with mandates in place in other locations, people are willfully disregarding the safety of themselves and others.
      The scary thing with the rally will be the aftermath, if an “estimated 250,000” people are expected to attend and then go home to every corner of the country, to family and co-workers, what will the potential fallout be to the rest of the country at the expense of a few days of drinking?

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