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List of motorcycle accessories you need

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Once you’re equipped with your new bike and ready to get out on the road, it’s time to shop for motorcycle accessories. There are so many different brands to choose from. In addition to motorcycle parts, Bike Bandit offers some of the best quality Honda CBR accessories on the market. When shopping for biker gear you want to look cool, but safety should be your top priority. Here are some of the best gear and accessory deals we gathered up from our search:


Every biker needs a quality pair of riding gloves. Protect your fingers while keeping the agility you need to ride with this polyester blended pair of gloves. They are designed with a curved finger and palm, rubberized knuckle armor and abrasion resistant palms to protect you on the road. The Icon Twenty-Niner Motorcycle Gloves come in red, blue, black and yellow and Bike Bandit sell them for $US35.List of motorcycle accessories you need


Thinking of going off-roading? The HJC RPHA-X Factor Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet is lightweight and employs carbonfibre for an extra protective shell. There are 15 total vents to encourage airflow and keep you feeling cool. Select either a blue or red helmet for about $US159.00 and you should also be qualified for free shipping.List of motorcycle accessories you need

Riding Shoes

Your hands in feet put in a lot of work while you enjoy the breeze, make sure you protect your feet. This sleek, black motorcycle shoe firmly secures over your foot to prevent accidents. Foam backing, 3d mesh and an integrated shank offer ultimate support and comfort. The Alpinestars Faster Motorcycle Shoe retails for $US149.95.

Motorcycle BootsList of motorcycle accessories you need

The Rider boots are true to their name, designed by riders for riders, these shoes are turf tough. They are equipped with a replaceable Goodyear sole, offer great heel support and sell for $US98.99.

      1. Well I won’t begrudge you that. Just remember your disclosure before you end up on Media Watch!!

    1. Oddly enough I’ve been riding around Adelaide all winter in a pair of Wicked Gear double zip boots and they’ve been great. Considering the amount of rain and flooding I’ve had to ride through, I’ve only had one day arriving home with a slightly damp sock! I hope they replaced them for you.

  1. I have really enjoyed reading this website for the last few months, I’ve visited every day. But this post is just an advertisement disguised as an article. It lowers the credibility of the website as a whole. I know you need to pay the bills, but you’ve made a short-term gain at a big long-term cost.

    1. Hi Diaphon,
      Yes, it is a “sponsored post” as it said on the end of the article. I have now moved it to the top to avoid any confusion.
      And yes, I do have to pay the bills when motorcycle companies don’t support the website … probably because I publish all the safety recalls.

  2. I was looking at the Aldi gear the other day it all looked like good quality stuff and well taylored and I’d buy it in a flash if their sizes went beyond xxxl.
    One of their wet weather jackets did fit quite nicely as I was wearing just a tshirt if I had on a bike jacket I’d have no chance of getting into it. But it did go on if I tried the same size in another brand it wouldn’t have gone past my elbow. With all the safety nannies dictating we wear this and that you’d think they’d get their act together and demand that a size three is a size three world wide and not the way it is now where even in the same brand and the same batch of clothes a size three can be anywhere from a half to a four.

  3. Thanks, Mark for talking about motorcycle accessories. All are important for motorcycle lover. But I think, You need attached another Equipment that Motorcycle GPS. Thanks for this great post.

    1. Well, you are right. I totally agreed with you about this. We should equip some more accessories. By the way, thanks for your nice sharing list.

      1. Do you have specific budget for this list? I think these accessories are necessary to equip. Nice checklist though.

          1. It is a great list to prepare for motorcycle accessories. Thanks for your suggestion. How much should I prepare anyway?

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