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Lighting Motorcycles Teases Image of the Strike

Lightning Motorcycles Strike
Image from Lightning Motorcycles

The First Photo Looks Good

Lightning Motorcycle’s new Strike bike is set to be fully revealed in March. Until then, the company has to keep the attention of the media and interested prospective customers. Hence the latest teaser image. In the first photo of the Lightning Motorcycles’ Strike, you can see the bike’s electric motor. 

The company doesn’t offer up too much new information other than stating that the Strike will get a liquid-cooled motor. That’s interesting but not a big shocker. Electric motors give off plenty of heat, just like gasoline engines do, so this isn’t too much of a surprise considering the kind of performance Lightning Motorcycles claims.

My electric motorcycle knowledge isn’t as good as it probably should be, but the three orange high-voltage cables connecting to what is most certainly a three-phase brushless motor and what appears to be lightweight aluminum have me pretty excited for what’s to come. As electrek points out, there’s also Öhlins suspension peeking in from the top left of the image.

All of this info together doesn’t really give you much concrete info. However, it does give you a small glimpse into what Lightning Motorcycles has going. The Strike is shaping up to be one of the best electric motorcycles to come out this year. Any other motorcycle manufacturers building electric bikes should probably be apprehensive about this bike.

If Lightning Motorcycles can stick to its $13,000 price tag, deliver bikes on time, and produce motorcycles with high quality, then the company might have a real winner on its hands. More info will come in March, and we can’t wait.