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Lightning Motorcycles Teases Strike’s Riding Position

Lightning Motorcycles Strike riding position
Image from Lightning Motorcycles

It’s a Bit More Upright

If you were worried that the Lightning Motorcycles Strike was going to have the same super-hunched riding position that the superbike has, then you can breathe easy. It will have a more upright riding position than the company’s LS-218.

This is good news. While the LS-218’s riding position is right for that particular bike, the mainstream Strike that Lightning Motorcycles will put out should be a little more relaxed so it can be used as an everyday bike. We’re not talking full cruiser status here, but something sporty but more upright.

Judging by an image that Lightning Motorcycles teased, the bike will have what looks like a very comfortable yet sporty riding position. In a release by the company, it said, “Strike is a motorcycle engineered for the track, but designed for the street.” 

To me that says it’ll be a sportbike with a comfortable riding position and strong performance. In my mind, this is exactly what I hoped the bike would be. A hardcore electric sportbike for the street doesn’t make sense. Lightning Motorcycles already has the LS-218, and the Strike should be more of a mainstream machine. According to the image above it will be. As you can easily see, the rider sits more upright, putting less weight on wrists and arms. This is more comfortable for longer rides and everyday commuting. 

This is yet another bit of information that bodes well for the Strike. If the company can deliver on its performance numbers and keep the price set at about $13,000, then it should put just about all other electric motorcycles to shame.