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Legendary Outerwear Maker Filson Transitions To Off-Road Motorcycle Gear!

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From Outdoors To Motorcycles

I definitely never saw this one coming, I’m not sure about you. I’m not sure why, but I’ve watched hundreds of hours worth of videos from outdoor YouTubers like Wranglerstar on things like “Felling Giant Tree With Crosscut Saw” and “Can An Axe Be Too Sharp?”. Needless to say, these outdoor YouTubers swear by the Filson brand, and I was even so impressed by what they had to say that I went out and bought some Filson gear myself. There is no way I could see Filson make their way into the Motorcycle industry, but here we are. Filson is introducing their 2021 limited-release ‘Alcan Collection‘ that includes some stylish motorcycle riding jackets, a helmet, pants, gloves and more.

Filson has a ‘thing’ for waxed canvas; it’s durable and quite water-resistant when the wax is applied. This waxed canvas is reinforced with Cordura nylon in areas that should see heavy wear to make the apparel as durable as possible.

Filson Motorcycle Jacket

Filson has two jackets and a vest constructed in this manner, and all of them are ready to take on various weather situations. They also have a pair of their legendary tin pants that have been reformatted for this new motorcycle collection.

Filson Bell MX-9 Helmet

Bell found it’s way into this lineup with a collaborative effort, and the two brands came together to bring us a Filson x Bell MX-9 Adventure motorcycle helmet. There is nothing particularly special about this MX-9 aside from the beautiful and stylish Filson graphics/livery found around the bucket, but it looks sweet and is sure to match other pieces of ADV gear thanks to the sand accenting.

There are a couple of other miscellaneous pieces such as gloves, bags, and shop rags; and the whole lineup of gear is available on Filson’s official website.