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KTM rally suit review

KTM rally suit jacket textile
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If you’re serious about adventure, try this KTM rally suit.  It may not be the kit they wear in the gruelling Dakar Rally, but it’s not far off.

You may think you look like one tough adventure rider, although all my mates though the rally suit just looked a little silly!

The adventure jacket is bursting with features, chiefly the zip-off collar so you can wear a Leatt neck brace which KTM developed in conjunction with BMW. It could literally save your neck.

But even if you don’t wear a neck brace, the separate collar area turns this jacket into an all-seasons jacket.

On cold mornings, simply leave it all zipped up and it’s very cosy and comfortable with a soft felt collar liner and detachable microfibre vest.

As the temperature climbs during the day, you can quickly unzip the front of the collar and clip it back, allowing more ventilation.

If it gets really hot, simply zip out the vest and unzip the whole collar, store them in the bum bag pocket and replace the collar with the short collar used with the brace. This give you plenty of ventilation around your upper chest and neck where you need it most.

There are two big vents in the shoulders and under the arms with two big exhaust vents in the back for maximum flow-through ventilation and the lining is made of a netting material that soaks up your sweat to stop the jacket sticking to you.

Together with the fact that the jacket is predominantly a light sand colour, this is an ideal summer jacket for conquering the dunes of South America.KTM rally jacket and pants
You can hang a hydration pack inside the front flap and there is a hose access hole in the front.

While there is no fleece liner for your arms, the cuffs have an elastic material which you can hook your thumbs through to keep out the wind and keep the backs of your hands warm.

It comes with substantial elbow and shoulder protectors but a thin back protector. However, big pleats in the back allow you to wear a separate chest and back protector.

A fitted belt at the waist and a clip on the inside of the elbow cinch the jacket in tight so the sleeves and body don’t flap around.

Keeping the rain out is a waterproof membrane with taped seams. There is a waterproof wallet pocket just inside the front flap so you don’t have to unzip the jacket to access it and two water repellent document pockets on the front.

While I didn’t use this in the rain, it provided plenty of water protection for my phone and wallet through several big water splashes.

There are also two large square pockets at the bottom of the jacket and the large rectangular bum bag pocket at the back that will take your collar and fleece liner.

The matching pants have similar waterproof pockets, an attached webbed belt with nylon clasps, knee vents and breathable material on the inner thighs and crutch area.

It comes with very thin hip pads and is meant to be worn with separate knee protectors.

I like the extra length flap on the outside of the bottom of the pants which prevents your boot buckles getting caught on plants as you ride past.

The rally suit is extremely comfortable for long days in the saddle and standing in the stirrups and despite all the protection and features, it’s very light weight.

But don’t expect your mates to give you much respect!


This KTM rally suit is no longer available. The new Racetech Jacket ($300) and Defender pants ($384) are a lot more stylish.