KTM Announces Details for 390 Adventure for North America

2020 KTM 390 Adventure
KTM's 390 Adventure

It Is Coming Soon

The KTM 390 Adventure is one of the bikes that a lot of people are excited about. The motorcycle offers adventure capability in a smaller, more easily manageable package unlike many other options out there. Right now the bike is not yet available, but that will change come May. 

KTM North America sent out a press release showcasing the details of the new model. The company also let it be known that the 390 Adventure would hit dealership showroom floors in May 2020. That’s right around the corner, and if you wanted one of these machines, then you don’t have long to wait. Get your bank account ready.

The bike will be more or less exactly the same as the 390 Adventure sold in other parts of the world. It will have a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that has a displacement of 373.2cc. It’s the same engine that is in the 390 Duke. The Adventure also comes with lean-sensitive traction control, slipper clutch, WP APEX suspension, ByBre brake calipers, two-channel ABS from Bosch with a switchable Off-Road mode.

Overall, this is a really killer bike that makes a lot of sense for KTM, and I expect the company will sell many of them. It’s unclear how Coronovirus will impact sales of this new model. Sales across the industry and globe are down, but that’s to be expected with may people on lockdown. Hopefully, the situation with the Coronavirus will get better soon and we can all go out and enjoy our KTM 390 Adventures. After they get here in May, that is.