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Motorcycle Luggage Preview: Mosko Moto Reckless 80L v3.0 Revolver

Is Version 3.0 The Charm For Mosko Moto’s Reckless Revolver Luggage?

the Mosko Moto Reckless 80L v3.0 Revolver Luggage
Mosko Moto Reckless Review Summary
Review Summary

Last month Mosko Moto (a White Salmon, Washington based company) announced the immediate availability of a new Reckless 80 Liter, V3.0 Revolver Luggage system

This is the third iteration of their popular flagship rack-less luggage systems, and the V3.0 Revolver is touted as the most versatile incarnation of the Reckless 80 line to date. Their designers claim to have “used all of the advantages of hindsight and truly created the ultimate rack-less luggage system.” 

Bold, yet confident sounding words considering just how competitive comparable systems from other companies like Giant Loop (wBW reviews here), Kriega (wBW reviews here), Touratech (wBW reviews), Enduristan and many others have been for many years now.

Mosko Moto Description

The Mosko Moto Reckless 80 L v3.0 Revolverw Luggage System on a Yamaha Tenere 700

We designed the Reckless 80 for minimalist off-road riding/camping, Backcountry Discovery

Route exploration, and international fly-to-ride trips. The Reckless 80 doesn’t require side

pannier racks, saving significant weight and cost. It expands and contracts to accommodate a

wide variety of loads, making it an extraordinarily “livable” luggage system.

With the Reckless 80, we replicated the traditional three-bag organization and packing system

of a touring bike (two side panniers and a rear duffle) for bikes that don’t have pannier racks. If

you’re setting up a new bike, the Reckless system saves you the added weight and expense of

metal side pannier racks.

The Basic Layout

These three waterproof dry bags made of 800D polyurethane-coated (PVC free) Nylon have welded-seams (2 x 25L side bags and 1 x 22L center duffle).

The dry bags from the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 L v3.0 Revolver luggage system


They install into a super tough and protective carrying harness made of 1680D Ballistic Nylon and Hypalon armour. That set then attaches to your bike securely and shouldn’t move around or need to be removed from the bike while traveling. Instead, the dry bags come out and go back in quickly and easily.

the harness for the Mosko Moto reckless 80L v3.0 Revolver luggage system

Advantage Mosko Moto

A notable feature for the Reckless 80L Revolver over the competition is the adjustable leg angle on both of the side bag mounting points. This they claim makes it equally at home on smaller enduros like the CRF450L or KTM 500EXC, as it is on larger ADV bikes like the Africa Twin or big BMW 1200GSA. 

In the photo below you can make out the white indexing lines marked on the black side panels used to ensure the angle of installation will be mirrored on each side of the bike.

the harness of the Mosko Moto Reckless 80L v3.0 Revolver luggage

I’m Circling In Anticipation

Manufacturers making claims like that in a single product is like blood in the water for a sharklike product reviewer like myself. I can’t resist an opportunity to validate or discredit such boasting. Everybody says they’re the best… but are they really?

I reached out to my Mosko Moto contact Spencer Hill (The Gear Dude) to request a sample set of luggage to review for the wBW site.

He happily agreed to send one my way!  Thank you Spencer!

Note: There are already 409 customer reviews of this luggage system on the Mosko Moto website with an eyebrow-raising average score of 5/5 stars! 

Also noted: None of them is from a wBW reviewer.

Not Just For Adventure Bikes, Perhaps?

I daresay this system doesn’t need to be restricted to adventure and dual-sport bikes in my opinion. It looks capable of strapping on to just about any motorcycle. 

Adventure Rider Hearts Are All Aflutter

What’s all the fuss really about? Huge potential here to make your motorcycle camping and travel much less stressful through better organization and easier, faster packing/unpacking.


  • The extreme durability of the build materials and easy repair options if they do fail
  • 100% waterproof dry bags
  • Customizable, infinitely expandable modular design (MOLLE accessories)
  • Optional locking cables for the bags
  • Ease of transport off the bike and the Stinger Tailbag can double as carry-on luggage
  • Lifetime limited warranty on sewn components and a 2-year warranty on the dry bags
  • Discounted crash replacement pricing

The 22L Stinger duffle bag from the Mosko Moto luggage lineup

Installation Video


Here’s a great video to watch from Mosko Moto showing the installation process on a bike. It also showcases how the side dry bags “holster” like a pair of trusty six-shooters inside the Revolver framework of the luggage harness.

Installation Video

Smart Design Aspects

Here’s a map of the great design points built into the luggage harness.

embed video here please

In case that print is hard to read:

  1. Adjustable leg angle for a custom fit on almost any bike
  2. Two removable 4L drybag-equipped aux pox
  3. Indestructible wrapped & riveted leg holster construction
  4. Bomber Hypalon armour panels – protection where you need it most 
  5. Field-replaceable mounting straps and drybag retention straps
  6. Redesigned leg holster compression straps for easy loading
  7. Removable beavertail stash-spot for extra storage and expansion
  8. Enlarged rear-fueling hole
  9. Five MOLLE panels for quick attachment of MOLLE accessories (volume expansion!)


Show Me The Pricetag

Like most durable and high-quality luggage the Reckless 80 v3.0 Revolver is expensive to buy at $745 USD. 

However, compare this to buying aluminum panniers with accompanying mounting racks and the price is easily one third or less. It’ll do the same job (in theory) and won’t break your leg if you take a spill and have the panniers and bike land on top of you.

You can save $125 by choosing the “no pockets” version which lacks two 4L “Aux Pox” add-on pouches found on the left and right sides of the harness (#2 in the photo above). Doing that will downgrade your 80L storage to 72L.

I’m Eagerly Waiting To Try It

the mosko moto reckless 80L v3.0 Revolver Luggage System on a Yamaha Tenere 700

As always I promise to do my best to appropriately field test this gear. I’ll produce an unbiased, honest and detail-rich report for all of you to digest before you plunk down your hard-earned cash on it.

I’ve heard many riders rave about Mosko Moto gear, but this will be my first experience with it. Maybe it’s just the COVID-19 induced self-isolation talking, but the thought of putting this rig on my KTM 790 adventure is enough to summon great memories. 

I smell dusty gravel roads and the damp aroma of rain-covered riding gear. Pleasant images of exciting adventure riding over rocks, through streams and dirt trails in various locations flash through my mind’s eye. It always ends up with me seated next to a fire with some good friends as we laugh about the ride that was while also anticipating the next day.