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Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube

Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube

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Quick Look

Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube was recommended by several webBikeWorld readers, so we finally acquired a bottle to try.

This is the most expensive chain lube in this group at $3.73 per ounce.

We anticipated that the container would hold a liquid, so we were surprised to discover that the actual chain lube material is a red gel that looks like a grease.

It is somewhat similar in color and consistency to the Gel Lube chain lube we reviewed in the 2008 survey.

When the bottle is squeezed, the lube comes out in the center of a soft foam pad. We found it very difficult to apply to the chain in a way that would provide a consistent coating to the links.

The grease seems to sit on top of the links and doesn’t work its way down into the side plates, although we’ll have to assume that it does when the bike starts moving.

The manufacturer states that the Kleen Chain lube will “not fling off, extends lube intervals, provides smoother shifts, extends lube intervals, reduces chain stretch, improves driveline efficiency” and makes for a “cooler running chain”. Some of these claims are probably true for any correctly adjusted, properly lubed motorcycle chain however.


We just were not very fond of using this product, which seems difficult to apply, leaves a coating of grease on the chain and is very expensive. We’d like to hear from Kleen Chain users about why they chose this product over others.

Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube Applicator
Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube (lube applied to side plates for demonstration purposes only)

Publication Date: June 2008

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