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Klasse Polish

Klasse "All-in-one" Cleaner Protector Polish Review

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Klasse Polish Review Summary
Review Summary
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Does a remarkable job of both cleaning and polishing.


Klasse is a German product that has been called one of the best polishes on the market.

I’ve heard of it, but never had the opportunity to try it.

It’s claimed to be good for use on painted surfaces, fiberglass, glass, plastic, metal, tile and more.

It’s very easy to apply and remove — the label claims there’s no need to wait for it to dry; simply apply with a damp cloth and then buff to a shine, and that proved correct.

In fact, I’d say it’s the easiest cleaner/polish product I’ve ever used.

It seems to do a remarkable job of both cleaning and polishing — it gave a very nice shine to my 1986 BMW R65 — noticeably better than the Turtle Wax “Extreme” I had used just prior to the Klasse test.

Hawg-Wash sent a 4-page guide that has all sorts of tips on using the Klasse products. They have been selling Klasse for over 12 years; it’s a popular seller, and rightly so.

It’s extremely hard to take photos that do justice to any type of waxes or polishes, but I took some photos (below) and zoomed in as close as I dared, hoping that the photos would do the talking. It’s apparent that there’s a difference…

Fuel tank with Turtle Wax
(Top) Fuel tank after waxing with Turtle Wax “Extreme” (Bottom) Fuel tank after re-waxing with Klasse. The white spots show up only in the close-up photos; I did not notice them on the tank with the naked eye, so it must be dust or dirt that only appears in the close-up photo
Fuel tank after
Extreme close-up of the reflection (from photo #1 above) in the fuel tank of the bar end mirror. Note the haze and white spots. The distortion is from the painted surface, not the digitization.
Fuel tank reflection
Extreme close-up (from Photo 2 above); notice the difference in spot and dirt reduction after the Klasse application.
wBW Review: Klasse “All-in-one” Cleaner Protector Polish
Manufacturer: Klasse List Price: $24.99 USD
Review Date: 2005 (?) Made In: Germany
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