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Keanu Reeves introduces sports bike

Keanu Reeves Arch 1s
Arch 1s

Hollywood heavyweight Keanu Reeves began Arch Motorcycles in 2015 with a muscle cruiser and now he’s adding a sports bike.

But hold on to your wallet for a moment. The KRGT-1 muscle cruiser cost from $US78,000 ($A108,500) and the new Arch 1s shouldn’t be any cheaper.

The bike was launched at the EICNA motorcycle show in Milan, along with an updated version of the original KRGT-1 and the “ultra-exclusive” Arch Method 143 concept bike.

Keanu Reeves Arch Method 143
Keanu Reeves Arch Method 143

For 2018, the KRGT-1 gets new comsetics, upgraded suspension, better brakes, and Euro4 emissions compliance.

Only 23 Arch Method 143 bikes will be made, so you can image how expensive they will be!

Keanu and Gard

Arch Motorcycles is a partnership between Keanu and bike designer/builder Gard Hollinger.

Keanue Reeves and Gard Hollinger
Keanu and Gard

They met in 2007 when Keanu asked Gard to make him a custom bike.

Keanu loved the result and they started making custom bikes for his Hollywood mates.

In 2015 they formed Arch Motorcycles and began making the KRGT-1 in their LA workshop. “KRGT” is the initials of the partners.

Keanu Reeves KRGT-1

It is powered by a 2032cc S&S V-Twin and comes with Ohlins forks, Race Tech shock, Blackstone Tek (BST) carbonfibre wheels.

Arch 1s

Keanu Reeves Arch 1s
Arch 1s

Now they are expanding the line-up with the Arch 1s which is also powered by an S&S V-twin.

However, the bike has a more sporty orientation like the now-defunct Harley-Davidson V-Rod.Keanu Reeves Arch 1s

The Arch 1s features a CNC-machined aluminium frame, carbon-fibre seven-spoke BST wheels and optional ABS.

Pricing and delivery of the Arch 1s are not yet known.

Check out the Wired video below about the development of Arch Motorcycles.


  1. Maybe it is simply jealousy at never being able to afford one of these things, but I do not understand why a true motorcycle aficionado would start a company to produce bikes no “average” person will ever get to ride and enjoy. Most “prestige” brands have a bike offering that the average person could afford, because the people behind these companies realize motorcycling is an experience we should all be able to enjoy. Pretentiousness and elitism should be left at the door and I would think anyone who really loves motorcycling and wants to share that by building bikes would be fighting for ways to get everyone they can on something you have had pride in making/designing. This whole company and concept feels like a bunch of rich tossers over compensating, like the 12 year old kid at cricket with all the new, schmick, expensive gear but couldn’t hit a ball to save his life, whereas the kid with the old bat and sneakers is having the time of his life hitting all over the pitch..

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