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Kawasaki’s Upcoming Electric Motorcycle Looks Close to Being Done

Kawasaki electric motorcycle

Working on Electric Bikes Since the Early 2000s

Kawasaki several very good bikes showcased at EICMA. The company certainly hasn’t left ICE motorcycles behinds, but a new video put out by the company suggests that its future will be electric. The bike in the video is called the EV Project, and Kawasaki has been working on the technology that is in this motorcycle since the early 2000s, according to Yoshimoto Matsuda, Senior Manager Innovation Department Research and Development Division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

According to the video, the company has been developing and patenting all sorts of new technology for an electric motorcycle from chassis and powertrain stuff to transmissions and power recovery braking. The motorcycle certainly looks the part. It’s a sportbike, and in the video, it’s being tested on a track. You see that there is a typical transmission foot level, but there’s also some oddities like a little thumb actuated lever for regenerative braking.

The bike in the video will not go straight to production. This concept bike will be used to inform future electric motorcycles yet to come from Kawasaki. The video is an optimistic look at the future of Kawasaki motorcycles, and it’s worth a watch. You can check it out below.