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Kawasaki Z900RS accessories launched

Kawasaki Z900RS accessories
The original and the tribute bike

One of the most anticipated models of 2018, the Kawasaki Z900RS, now comes with several special accessories, including centre stand and pillion grab rails.

The tribute bike to the legendary Z1 is listed at $16,499 plus on-road costs.

It is based on the Z900, but costs about $4000 more even though power and torque are slightly down.

The retro model has much the same features as the Z900, but includes traction control and a whole lot of retro styling.

Pricing has caused some concern among our readers, but Kawasaki remains firm on the pricing hoping that the heart will rule the head.

Click here to read more about the bike, plus reader comments.

The Z900RS will be joined by a Cafe Racer version in February/March, but no price has yet been released.

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Racer prices accessories
Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Racer prices

Meanwhile, the accessories list for the Z900RS has been released.

Kawasaki Z900RS with radiator guard and centre stand accessories
Kawasaki Z900RS with radiator guard and centre stand

Accessories include: Centre stand ($295.13); fork cap in black or gold ($302.67); frame sliders ($334.32); front axle protector ($154); oil filler in black, gold or silver ($108.44); heated grips ($418.78); indicator cover in black or silver ($84.46); passenger grab rail ($221.68); radiator guard ($133.70), side grab handle $182.99); smoked instrument cowl ($429.30); protective tank pad ($63.34); and tank emblem set ($200.18).

The bike must be popular as several accessories are already out of stock.

Kawasaki gives a rundown on the bike in this video.

  1. All kind of gimmicks for the eyes but with hardly of any real use. They don’t even have a simple luggage rack, not even a small one to strap on a luggage roll with a tent. This bike is not only ment for posing, isn’t it? I would like to travel with it.

    1. Yes that was my impression too. Rather than being a versatile UJM – with its semi rear-set pegs, smallish tank and lack of luggage points.. this is really just another hipster bike or city bike. But then Kwakka do also make the excellent Versys 1000 so I guess they have that niche covered too

  2. A radiator guard is an option? C’mon…
    A 368Meg vid file to explain the accessories? That’s a bit rich, much like the accessory pricing. I predict the aftermarket will have a field day.

  3. I’ll pass thanks. It should at least have a pair of 2 into 2 exhausts if its going to get close to a Z1 tribute bike. I call hipster BS.

  4. Well my heart didn’t rule my head . I walked into the dealer to buy one , and left unimpressed with the pricing and dissapointed with the bike . All the spy and prerelease pictures all had spoke wheels and 4 into 4 exhaust . The salesman went to great lengths to tell me why its better with pretend ( cheaper ) spoke wheels , 4 into 1 exhaust that is better than 4 into 4 and how its better to ride with less hp than its sibling Z900 and good value at $4000 more than the more powerful Z900 . A fail in my eyes .

  5. I did purchase the bike in March. It currently sits in my office in the house. Wife not pleased with that. It has only 3 miles on the odometer and will stay that way until either Kawasaki or some reputable aftermarket company introduces a 4 into 2 exhaust system.
    Was sort of disappointed that I will need to buy the rear chrome grab rail and a center stand separately. They both should have been standard on this bike.

  6. Incredible, all the old whingers on here… a Z1 then…..surprised you didn’t reject the wheels as well. It is a nod to the 70’s….that is all, and besides 99% of original Z1 owners ripped of the 4 into 2’s and put a 4 into 1 system on it. There is a reason for that…4 into 2 does not do anything but add weight, screw up the handling, increase fuel consumption etc etc.

    This bike is better in every way than a Z1. It is detuned from the standard Z900 to increase the torque which gives it better, real world power. The bike pulls like a train in top gear from low revs.
    The quality of finish is better than most. If you can’t afford it, go and buy something with a plastic tank cover.

    The exhaust system on this bike IMO (especially for Kawasaki) is the best looking OEM system on any bike.

    Comes with Radial Brakes Calipers, Anti Lock Brake System, 2 stage traction control, LED lights.
    Z900 does not (ABS is optional).

    Stop whinging and enjoy the best retro tribute on the market…I certainly am.

    1. Reply from “OLD WHINGER ” I don’t think anyone is disputing the fact that the Z900RS is a better bike than the original Z1 . I was aware of the bike long before it actually arrived on the scene . If you followed the spy and artist impressions of the bike through development, they all had a very common theme , being a much closer to an original style Z1 than the RS . 4 exhaust pipes maybe heavier and back in the day , most did remove then and fit a tranzac 4 into 1 . But today the std exhaust is much more treasured than a 4 into 1 , costing as much as 2 original Z1’s . Thats why an immaculate All CORRECT Z1 is pushing $35.000 plus these days . Also leaded super petrol rotted out std exhaust in under 2 years . Fitting pretend spoke wheels in the form of a mag wheel made to look like spokes , says one thing to me . Mags are cheaper to make than real spoke wheels . The fact that fabulous companies like Doremi in Japan are making 4 into 4’s and a whole array of accessories, many designed to make the RS look more ” ole skool ” like the points cover mod that allows you to fit a genunine Z1 points cover on your RS .The next complaint was about the price at $18.000 and more for the Cafe , we are about $3,500 au more expensive than the same bike in the USA . So a premium price when compare it on the world stage . In saying all that ,Kawasaki has done a good job in making a modern Z1 . Something they have tried before and failed in the form of the Zephr . A great bike , but not a serious attempt at making a new iconic Z1 . I resisted test riding the new Jaffa and thought a lot about the yet to be released Cafe . But as fate would have it , a very low (650 klm ) Jaffa was traded in , and I just had to have a ride and the rest is History . No I didn’t buy the Jaffa , but I dod do a good deal on a Green Meanie CAFE . So while the Z900RS was an initial dissapointment, it has certainly grown in me , and I love my Cafe . As a biker from the 70s it reminds me of the super iconic bikes from the awesome Aussie movie ” Stone ” . I do believe that none other than the great Quentin Tarantino is looking at doing a remake of Stone . Wouldn’t it be fantastic if he used the Z900RS CAFE as the bike of choice for the Gravediggers to ride .

      1. Stone was such a kool movie, brought a 900rs new 2018 love the bike only problem well more like mine being short had to get a low seat & that cost nz $600 and two months to get here and rear Lust lowering brackets from england . Great bike sounds and looks great buying a few accessories for it now.

    2. Z1 had a 4 into 4 exhaust and the Z1000 had a 4 into 2 exhaust . These exhaust were a main design feature and were very iconic . When Honda released the CB750 many adverts for the bike was a low back shot of the bike showing the rear wheel and exhaust , using the 70s term ” Deep Throat ” They weren’t worried about weight or cosumption as the Z1 was the most badass production bike the World had ever seen . The CB750 Honda let the poms know the End was near and the Z1 handed them their heads in a basket . Thats the shoes the Z900RS has to fill.

  7. I saw it online on a Monday night and took it home on Saturday. I’d rather ride it than nitpick about what Kawi did or did not do. In my opinion, it is one of the best retro vehicles (car OR bike) that I’ve ever seen. The Z1 was/ is perhaps my favorite vehicle of all time. Put the phones down and ride….. shiny side up !!!!

  8. Just a plain do nothing Z900. No thrill with this bike…Save your money & buy something else. Turns out to be a huge money maker for Kawasaki.

  9. Bought the Cafe Love it ! Corners like its on rails feels like a very modern sportsbike with a confy ride style. Pulls hard in all gears & stops on command without compromise. Ive had several Kwaka sportsbikes ZXR series & Z series Love this recreation in everyway, Thanks Kawasaki..

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