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Kawasaki electric with removable battery

Kawaskai Endeavour electric with removable battery and motor

Kawasaki is moving closer to producing its EV Endeavor electric motorcycle with new patent drawings showing a removable battery and motor.

Their electric prototype was shown at the EICMA motorcycle show last November.

Since then, Kawasaki has released teaser videos.

The first official video from the company shows the work they put into the project.

The second shows it has manual four-speed transmission.

Endeavour with removable battery

The new patent drawings show a very rudimentary bike shape with a boxy motor and battery.

Kawaskai Endeavour electric with removable battery and motor

Not as awe-inspiring as the bike in the video.

But it’s mainly a representation of how the motor and battery are removable.

That’s interesting, because all the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers last year signed an agreement to standardise electric motorcycle batteries and charging infrastructure.

Since then, Yamaha has been developing a system to swap the removable battery. So maybe Kawasaki is also developing a bike with a removable battery.

This drawing from the Kawasaki patent seems to show the bike being delivered to the dealer without the battery and motor.

Kawaskai Endeavour electric with removable battery and motor

While that could be to avoid problems with transporting potentially hazardous batteries, it could also mean the batteries are removable and therefore swappable.

So, instead of having to wait around for hours to charge a flat battery, you simply swap the removable battery with a fully charged unit in seconds.

Whatever it shows, it seems Kawasaki s moving closer to production of its Endeavour electric motorcycle.

For the moment, Kawasaki say the bike is simply proof of their technology and intentions.

Long-term project

It’s been a long-time project for the green team.

Back in 2013, Kawasaki filed a patent for an electric version of its baby Ninja, but the patent was only been published last year.

These  patent drawings also showed a removable battery and motor.

Kawasaki electric Ninja patent battery swap

In 2015, Kawasaki filed patents in the US for as many as 10 electric motorcycle designs.

In other Kawasaki patent filing for electric motorcycles, one has a substantial cooling element with a radiator.

Electric Kawasaki Ninja patents
Electric Kawasaki Ninja patent drawing

Heat is one of the biggest impediments to performance and battery life.

I drove an early Tesla Roadster around Queensland Motorway and the instruments flashed red alerts for the battery heat after just four “hot laps.

The oil-and-liquid cooling system in the Kawasaki patent drawings are certainly more substantial than we have seen on any other electric motorcycle so far.

That would not only provide more range, but also greater performance.