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Is this the new Indian FTR 1200?

2019 Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 real growl season
FTR 1200 spy photo

This image of what looks like a production-ready version of the coming Indian FTR 1200 motorcycle has been leaked to us.

Indian Motorcycle confirmed in June that it would build the FTR 1200 next year and dealers tell us they are already taking orders from eager riders.

This production-ready version looks quite similar to the FTR1200 that has been dominating flat track racing in the USA, but with a few variations.

Obviously it now has indicators, a single headlight and rear fender and will also have mirrors.

Other differences are a lower and much bigger double-megaphone matte-black mufflers, fatter and more comfortable seat and side-mounted red rear shock, possibly Ohlins from the yellow oil reserve.

However, it is largely similar to their FTR1200 prototype with red trellis frame, spoked-style mag wheels and flat bars.

Indian Motorcycle Scout FTR1200 - learner bike coming? Travis Pastrana FTR750 Evel Knievel stunts recreated on Indian FTR1200 ftr 1200
FTR1200 prototype

When the company confirmed production their official press release said: “The production FTR 1200 will carry lines and styling that were inspired by the FTR750 (race bike) and FTR1200 Custom.”

“Those are the bikes people fell in love with and we want to bring those race-inspired design characteristics to the street in a way that only Indian Motorcycle can.

“We’ve leaned heavily on those characteristics to give the production FTR 1200 its own unique look and style.”

FTR 1200 price and availability

There is no word yet on engine cubic capacity, power output, price or availability, but the company says it will arrive “sometime in 2019”.

A production version is expected to be shown at either the Intermot motorcycle show in Frankfurt in October or EICMA in Milan in November.

Indian no longer calls it a Scout FTR1200, but we expect the price will be similar to the 1133cc Scout which is currently $A19,495 and $A18,995 for the Bobber version.

Indian Scout Bobber ftr 1200
Check out MBW’s review of the Indian Scout Bobber

Indian Motorcycle Australia and New Zealand has also announced a competition to win one of the first bikes to come off the assembly line.

To win, riders only need enter their name, country and email address online. Click here to enter. It ends on September 30.

‘Style of its own’

Indian says the new bike will “take inspiration, design and performance cues” from the FTR750 and FTR1200 Custom, but will “maintain a look and style all its own” says Senior Designer Rich Christoph.

“We wanted to make sure that the FTR 1200 wasn’t merely a regurgitation of the FTR1200 Custom, but something uniquely ‘street,’ albeit flat track inspired,” he says.

“We’re thrilled about the character this bike possesses, and its ability to take American V-twin motorcycles into new territory.”

  1. no no … please not … this leaked Foto of a potential Indian Bike has nothing to do with the orig FTR …
    … looks more like a bad remake of a Ducati Scambler (which I dont like either)
    Please Indian, dont do it like this – it much to mainstream

    1. I agree 100% with Capt. Fronk, stick with the original prototype, THAT is the design everyone is so excited about, NOT this leaked photo bike. If this is truly the production bike, I’m putting my cash right back in my pocket, NO DEAL !!

  2. The bike is not in a finished state, there is no down tube to complete the trellis frame to support the bottom of the engine but the bike looks great. Once you discard the ugly exhaust , remove the the rear fender, tidy up the tail lights and signals and relocate the licence plate to the left side it’ll look close to what most were expecting. The one place I feel Indian designers fell short was the rear suspension and swing arm, it should have been a mono shock style as was shown on the original FTR custom. I really believe this is a part of the design that really looked super functional and carried the look to completion.

  3. Got to agree with Geoff not what I have expected I like the high level S&S pipes and same style of bike as been on the U tube shots not as said INDIAN

    1. Yes it looks good – and I think that’s the whole point. I just looks looks good. It doesn’t look “holy sh*t that’s bad ass and cool” like the prototype.
      There’s lots of good looking motorcycles to choose from out there and the prototype was just blowing us away because it was just so freaking awesome and that’s why many of us are freaking out lol!

  4. Please….please….make more like the prototype…. that in the picture looks nothing like it if is my cash is going somewhere else….sorry to say..????

  5. But they are idiots if they release this version.
    It has nothing to do with the prototype show on the Heroes Indian videos.
    They build a beautiful FTR 1200 Indian prototype, they ask people their opinion, then they take out that thing.
    it is better to give the realization to Roland Sands if they are not able.

    1. It’s not OFFENSIVE….C’mon y’all KNOW the concept wasn’t going into production as was. I’m SO glad high pipes are gone. The tipping point will be based on Price, WEIGHT and Performance. If I had cash galore, I’d have Rich Pollock build me a Mule.

      1. It offends me. There is no excuse for a ruined concept. Price will be high, weight will be high , performance and sales will be low. Not good really…

  6. The prototype is what caused all the excitement in the first place. If Polaris can’t pull it off in a production bike they are going to kill that excitement. The prototype would be extremely impractical but that is why it is so bad ass!! This spy pic looks like a Ducati Monster with a tank swap. I own 2 Ducati now and love them but the original prototype had me ready to buy an Indian! If this pic is the production version then my excitement is now disappointment.

        1. Neither of you should have left deposits. I work for an Indian dealership – we were told by corporate NOT to take any money and NOT to make any assumptions as to the vehicle, price point, etc.

  7. Como la cara y la cruz
    Guardabarros, faro, colectores, escape, asiento, colin, horquilla, suspension …
    Todo lo que se ha modificado… Que horror!
    A pasado de ser sexy, excitante y diferente a una simple moto mas.

  8. Put a deposit on one a couple of months ago. If I wanted a Ducati Scrambler/this is your first (entry level) bike I would have bought one of those. When I saw the ftr prototype it was like “finally a light weight (relatively) bad ass motorcycle that’s not in the same category as a sportster or a Ducati scrambler etc. . The prototype was just plain cool. This thing is just another nice motorcycle – vanilla is nice too but not for me – it’s almost cute. Sorry to say but if this is even close to what the ftr will look like I’m saying thanks but no thanks, deposit back please.

  9. Lord, please NO! Please let this be a fake. PLEASE!

    We want a street legal FTR not a bloated sea cow.

  10. Dudes, we must be prepared for the biggest dissapointment of the century…
    I hope Indian is kidding us, they’re not seriously want to release such kind of ugliness.

  11. Dudes, we must be prepared for the biggest dissapointment of the century…
    I hope Indian is kidding us, they’re not seriously want to release such kind of ugliness.

  12. ‘Indian have listened’ … I don’t think so. I too wanted burnt legs , illegal tyres, a piece of foam for a seat and a single disc up front – I would have sold my soul or whatever it took . Sadly after seeing the prototype and blueprints -this IS the ugly sister to the concept FTR 1200. No carbon I can accept – ugly (gold?) forks , twin discs, digital speedo ,extra weight and positioning the shock just where everyone would want to put the higher level aftermarket pipes?? Insane. This thing is not going to come cheap either – – I hope that this is all just a scam by Indian /Polaris to hide the truth behind the real FTR launch . If not then shame on you for destroying a dream concept.

  13. That is the bike, all the patent drawings match this photo. Motor has patent drawings going back to project 156. 120hp, 120 ft lbs of torque, look at a picture of project 156 and this, add some flat track flavor and an Indian badge and there you have it. Very nice bike. If you do not like it, strip it down to look like the ftr1200 prototype.

    1. Sadly this will never look like the prototype -even stripped right down. The frame and swingarm are very different and there will be no mounting the lovely high pipes due to the shock being in the way. The only thing that might be carried forward would maybe be the grips???… It would cost a small fortune to transform this bike to look like the prototype. Could have been simple if they had at least based it on the same,clever geometry…

  14. I’m from Belgium and as a real Sportster Roadster driver I was excited when I saw the prototype from the FTR 1200. But now my excitement is completely gone . It looks like an ordinary japanese naked bike . Sorry but if this is the real one no Indian for me.

  15. Not sure why all the negative comments. Cycle World and others stated up front that there was no way the skimpy seat and open exhaust would survive a production version. I do wish they had left the mono-shock on he bikes center-line. Furthermore exhausts are easy to change. S&S would be foolish not to offer the same (as an after-market option) system they produced for the custom. Some things never change – if you want a 400 pound, 100 HP + street tracker – you’re going to have to build your own – and its going to cost you!

    1. Negative comments because people genuinely do not like this design. It carries nothing from the prototype, and I mean NOTHING (maybe the grips?). They have gotten people interested in this bike through false advertising through media in my opinion – drew us all in and offered nothing unusual.

  16. No, I refuse to believe this is the final version.
    It is impossible to throw the apple further from the oak.
    Where to start? I think the comment with the bloated sea cow summed it up quite nicely !
    The concept bike had me all exited (Already budgeted for 2019) but this…
    Personally, I will maintain the budget line on the off chance Indian presents something at least remotely close to the concept in October.

  17. For me, the key was the scrambler exhaust that gave it the holy crap look. It’s so UJM now. Nice for an American made bike but not nearly so exciting. Simply misses the mark. Sigh…

  18. So disappointing! It looks like a Ducati Monster and nothing like the FTR1200 concept bike or even a flattrack bike in general. And I thought I was disappointed when Harley came out with their “street version” of the XR750, the XR1200. This is even more of a let down since I thought Indian “got it” when we saw the prototype.

  19. I loved the look of the custom. What is this. Sad. They should have just regurgitated an exact copy of the custom.

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