Is the Honda CB4X Concept a Sign Of What’s to Come?

Honda CB4X
Honda’s Rome R&D Centre proudly unleashes the CB4X at EICMA

A New Sport Touring Machine?

Honda is not devoid of sport-touring motorcycles, but the company doesn’t really have a bike like the CB4X Concept that it showed off at EICMA. The motorcycle looks a lot like the NC750X and the VFR1200X, but less adventure-y than those bikes. There’s a pretty good chance the motorcycle could show up in Honda’s lineup at some point.

The design of the CB4X comes from Honda’s Research & Development team in Rome, according to Adventure Rider, so it may just be a design exercise. The motorcycle does look far less typical Honda than I’d expect. However, the company seems to be changing things up.

I would expect a production version of the bike to look more typical Honda. The bike appears to blend a lot of what you see from the current Honda bikes with some more European styling and some extremely streamlined curves. It’s a handsome machine and one that stands out even at a show like EICMA. It wouldn’t take the company much to turn this into a production machine. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.



  1. Snake
    November 8, 2019

    Honda may not be devoid of “real” ‘sport-touring’ motorcycles, but what Honda is indeed devoid of is sport-touring motorcycles that you really, really want.

    The VFR800 is a good bike that should have more power, and less VTEC effect, than it really does. Less weight would also be a nice bonus.

    The VFR1200 should have more accessible low-end power on a bike rated “170hp”, not neutered with the 1-2 gear ignition retarding, plus a less severe riding position for all-day comfort. More fuel range wouldn’t hurt a bit, either.

    So, after Mr. Honda died, it seems they “keep missing the target”, as Kirk said to Kahn.

  2. Doglips
    November 9, 2019

    I don’t care for the faux adventure styling of modern “sport tour” motorcycles, too tall and not attractive. My search goes on for a modern take on the true sport touring motorcycle as it were in the past. If Honda built this with removable luggage they will get my money. (Although I could do without the “saddle horn” on top of the tank…)

  3. Danny
    July 2, 2020

    What would be the seat height?
    Any idea?

  4. LoloyD
    August 20, 2021

    A CB650X is exactly what I am looking for after my love affair CB500X. Please lower the seat height on this bike, Honda as I am vertically challenged. Make this closer to 800 mm seat height!

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