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inVIEW helmet light shows brakes, turn

inVIEW helmet Brake light and indicator

This inVIEW helmet light not only indicates when brakes are applied or a rider slows down on the throttle, but also shows a rider’s intention to turn.

There have been several products designed to attract the attention of tailgating motorists such as Cosmo helmet light.

Cosmo Connected emergency brake light and crash alert
Cosmo helmet brake light

We also sell a unit that activates your bike’s rear brake light when the rider slows

Smart brake system
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However, this is the first we can find that also includes indicators.

The stick-on bluetooth units are available from Third Eye Design in America for $US249.95 (about $A350).

It features an accelerometer that activates the brake light even when just slowing down on the throttle which many riders do.inVIEW helmet Brake light and indicator

We can’t see why they would be illegal here as they do not replace the motorcycle’s brake lights or indicators.

However, Victorian police might take a dim view of this product since they still believe any addition to a helmet is illegal.

Some might think this is a great idea as it lifts these important lights higher where drivers are more likely to see them.

It could also be a good safety feature with its brake light that illuminates when the rider slows down on the throttle, rather than the brakes.

How inVIEW works

The inVIEW unit has bright LEDs and is powered by two AAA batteries that they claim will last for months.

Riders get a warning when batteries are low or if there is a problem with the system. 

inVIEW helmet Brake light and indicator
inVIEW comes in red or clear lens

It snaps on via a 3M hook and loop mounting system that Third Eye Design claim is unobtrusive when the unit is not attached and snaps off in the event of a crash.

There is also a small transmitter that can be located close to the rear brake light and indicators.

They say it draws “almost no power and works on all motorcycles, including those with CANBus electrical systems”.inVIEW helmet Brake light and indicator